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The summarization feature is not available in specific report



I have a 3 dimention data like "Product"-"Year"-"Sales", I use to have a matrix data view for it, where "Product" as row, "Year" as coloum and "Sales" as value, sometimes there are mutiple records for sales so I use the "max" or "first" option to summarize it.


Recent I met a strange problem, if I remove "Sales" from Value, then try to drag it back like before, it's not working, I was simplely not able to dray "Sales" into value, I also tried drag it to coloum or row then use the move option to move it to value, then the Power BI start to no response at all and I have to close and reopen it. I tried reinstall Power BI and restart computer, nothing works.


Then I realize it was  the problem at summarization because if I create a card for "Sales", normally it will be summarized and shown, but now I also not able to drag it into the value.


I also tried some other data, all same problems, seems like the summarizarion feature is dead in my report.


I created a new report and use the exactly same data to create a matrix like before, works fine, so the problem only happends to my old report 😞


I did a lot of research and no clue get, please help me 😞

Super User
Super User

@JiapengSun , In a matrix when you drag a column on Row/Column you will not get summarize option. When dearg to values you will get. Now if you have created a measure it will not show summarize option. Or if you have set up it as not summarized in Column tools, it might not get dragged to values.



Thanks for the reply, it's not a measure and I tried set it to some other options than "not summarized", but nothing works..

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