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Textfield with selected value and text



I am just starting to work with Power BI, and as I expected I have my first problem, where I hope to find a solution here 🙂


I have a table with the following fields:





I created a stacked bar chart and a textfield which shows the value of the selected bar.

For example:

Status = Awarded

Year = 2017

Sales will change to the respective amount.


What I would like to have is something like

Awarded in 2017 is xxx US $ - so in short I want to add the fields.


Any idea how to achieve it in an easy way?


Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Cool My dear friend,


Try this,




let me know if any help on this




Thats not what I meant


I want to add the following


Awarded for 2017 is US $ xyz


- The word awarded has to be changed based on the selected status

- The year has to be changed on the selected year

- The sales has to be changed


So far only the sales changes, which is the standard functionality of BI.

You can create the following measure and put it in a card visual that changes based on your selection


Text= VALUES(Table1[Status])&" for year "&VALUES(Table1[Year])&" is US $"&VALUES(Table1[Sales])


Make sure to have your Status and Year columns put in a slicer.


Hope this helps.

I managed to do something similar by creating a Measure with the text/data I wanted.  The measure name is 'Title'


Title =
"Data For "
    &       MAX( V_DailyTransactions[AsOfDate])


And then I placed this measure in a Card visualization.

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