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Advocate I
Advocate I

Table Column width

Is there a way to line up columns? I can make the widgets the same size but it still looks funky without lineing up the columns.



Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Turn on word wrap in column headers and adjust width with mouse by dragging th column width.

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Advocate I
Advocate I

Interesting solution at Essentialy, you create a measure that is a constant string of the desired width ( ColWidth   = "0000000000", for instance). Drop that measure into your table on rows with auto column width turned on. Then, turn auto column width off, and remove the string measure from the table. The columns will retain the uniform width set by the string measure. Voila. 

I have a matrix with four columns, when at the input side user changes the column name the width of the column is changing automatically, for this i have used "REPT" function to fix the column width. when the user edits the column name first time the width is not changing but when it repeats(section name editing multiple times) the column width is changing, can  you help with this? 

Advocate II
Advocate II

Without workable solution, here is what you have to do :


- Take a sheet of paper, a pencil and a ruler.

- At the top of the paper, draw a line.
- On the line, draw segments whose lengths are equivalent to the desired column widths.
- With adhesive tape, stick the sheet of paper on your screen, in the middle of the table that you want build.
- With your mouse, align the borders of each column of the table with the segments you drawn on the paper.-
- Remove the paper sheet from the screen.
- Silence the laughter of your colleagues.


I'll take one for the team and send this solution to the leadership of Microsoft in an old-school, hand-written letter...let them understand that a community that has clammored for the ability to merely set column widths (like in Excel and nerely every other MS product we use) for years and years has resorted to using a sheet of paper and a ruler to set column widths that work for us.






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I voted for the idea suggestion as well.

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Turn on word wrap in column headers and adjust width with mouse by dragging th column width.



Still kinda wish you could type in a fixed width or use format painter 😄


Did my part. thanks

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