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‘Syncing’ Slicers with Different Data Types

I have a multi-page report which displays activity for health care providers who work with our organization. There are a few different tables within the data model including a date table.


Table1 holds all the clinical activity encounter/visit level data, an example looks like this:



Table2 holds administrative level data, an example looks like this:



A breakdown of the 3 report pages (with a snippet of the report header) is as follows:


Page 1 - displays data at the discipline level (e.g., nurse practitioner) – this report includes activity from all nurse practitioners we employ.



Page 2 - displays data based on the clinic location. This report includes activity for all nurse practitioners who work at Clinic B for example.



Page 3 - displays data at the individual nurse practitioner. This report only displays activity for Chris Smith for example.



As you can see, there is a Time Period slicer on all pages of the report. This is the main slicer and is driven from the Encounter Date column in Table1. On the Discipline Level (Page 1) report, I also have a second (hidden) slicer which is driven from the Date column in Table2. These 2 slicers are synced so that the data displayed in the report (from both Table1 and Table2) are based on the same date range.


On the Clinic Level and Provider Level reports (Page 2 and Page 3), in addition to the slicers syncing the time period, there are also (hidden) slicers to sync the Clinic and Provider across Table1 and Table2.


This configuration seems OK for the Discipline Level (Page 1) report, however for the Clinic Level (Page 2) and Provider Level (Page 3) reports, the dates don’t ‘update’ based on the Clinic or Provider slicer selection.


For example, the slicer shows a date range of Sep 11 – Sep 29 however as you can see above, Chris Smith’s activity spans Sep 18 – Sep 21.


I explored whether I could link the Clinic slicer with the Time Period slicer on the Clinic Level (Page 2) report and the Provider slicer with the Time Period slicer on the Provider Level (Page 3) report however as these slicers are different data types, this didn’t seem to work.


I also tried a different route whereby I had the Time Period slicer driven off the Date Table (which eliminated the need for a slicer syncing Time Periods across Table1 and Table2) however this didn’t have any effect on the correct date range being displayed for Chris Smith on my Provider Level (Page 3) report.


I’m not sure if I’ve explained my scenario well/if my question is clear. Perhaps it’s not possible to have the Time Period slicer update to only show the date range for which Chris Smith had activity based on Chris’ name being selected in the Provider slicer.

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Super User

Don't use slicers.  Use the filter pane "Filters on all pages".

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