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Switch visual if single select on slicer + gauge with two pointers

Dear community,


I have following situation and idea:

E.g. I created a HR Dashboard where I want to have an overall overview where I see all Information from all employees in different visuals. On the other side I want to have a single view per employee when I select one of them on my slicer. So right now I just created two bookmarks for each View and just used the bookmark navigator to jump between the two states. But my idea would be that depended on my slicer it will automatically recognize if I am on employee level or overall level. So I select employee only from my slicer it should switch to single employee view and otherwise if I select more than 1 or all it should be on the overall overview.  To change the visuals is important as e.g. I am using a pie chart by lets say for the department and in case I am on the single view per employee level, it wouldnt make any sense to display the pie chart. Instead I would use a gauge where I display some other information. But this visual wouldnt make sense on overall overview as the gauge would show an average of a value which wouldn´t bring any relevant information.
Any ideas how to handle it? I guess if its possible at all, I need a measure with distinct count of the slicer, to check how many values were selected and than somehow switch the bookmark if only one is selected? Would be nice if somebody could help me out with this.
Secondly. another question regarding my gauge chart. Is it somehow possible to create a gauge with two pointers and a critical value? I haven´t found anything so far for this topic yet.  Or is there any other visual you would recommend to use instead of a gauge to display to values in comparism to a critical value? 

Thanks in advance
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Hi @lbendlin,


by any chance to you have an example how to do that with the measure that remove the filter context exactly?

Would you be able to provide sample data that covers your issue, and can you indicate the desired result?

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Thank you for your responses so far.
The problem regarding a drilldrough is kinda that I am already want to do a drillthrough for a detailspage on single level, but I want a high level overview on single level as well. So in my example the drillthrough would have detailed information for each employee in a table but before going there I would like to have a high level overview on a single employee perspective with a some visuals like I mentioned above.

You can only do that with measures that remove the filter context you have brought over during the drillthrough operation.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi, @Anonymous 

With drillthrough in Power BI reports, you can create a destination target page in your report that focuses on a specific entity such as a supplier, customer, or manufacturer. When your report readers right-click a data point in other source report pages, they drill through to the target page to get details that are filtered to that context.
Set up drillthrough in Power BI reports

Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Zeon Zheng

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Super User
Super User

Have you considered a more "natural" approach using a drillthrough page?

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