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Streaming data for real-time power bi reports

Hi, I am currently working on a  project where I have created a report based on my 'import' dataset. The next step is that  the report need to be refreshed and updated with data that is stored in a database. So my idea is to extract data from the db, each month for example, and then save it as an excel file(since that is the initial format of my import dataset), then load it to Sharepoint, and after that refresh the dashboard automatically with a power automate button. 

So basically, am stuck in the extraction part, I don't know how to do it. Also, i don't know if there are other possible easy options.. for ex extract just the new rows and push them directly into the power bi dataset.

PS: -the extraction need also to be done automatically.


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Solution Sage

Depending on what data source you're using, you might be able to connect directly to it: Note, this may require you to set up a gateway. Once this is set up, you can easily set up automatic refresh on PowerBI service.

If you're stuck on extraction from the database, then I don't think this forum is the right place to ask for solutions, especially since very little details have been given on the data source.

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the data is stored in a Production Information Management System, and it's confidential

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