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Advocate I
Advocate I

Small multiples: any way to format x/y axis scale individually?

Using SWITCH() and a table of measures, I'm able to use the small multiples feature to display multiple measures for long lists of items/customers/categories in a graph that scrolls together. This feature is a big problem solver for some of the reporting I'm typically asked to build. 


One limitation I've found is that if I want to display an actual $ measure and a % measure together, the x/y axis will auto format to accomodate the $ figure, typically meaning the percent figure is not visible. I'm not finding an option to change scale by measure/category in the usual places. 


I believe the fix may be listed in the Small Multiples Milestone list:


Preview Milestone 2

  • ...
  • Formatting: Y axis ranges can be synchronized or unsynchronized (to allow comparison of trends across multiples whose ranges vary wildly)


Beyond this eventual fix, has anyone found a workaround that allows us to set the axis scale of the individual "multiples"? Or does anyone have any insight on how far off Milestone 2 might be? I'm a relatively new user and not sure how long features like this stay in preview. 

Resolver I
Resolver I

Hey guys, you could refer to this page. It has worked for me.

Very helpful!!! Thanks!

Thanks a lot. This feature is exactly what I needed. I was worried for a minute when I could not find this feature. Without your comment, I may have given up.

Glad it helped 🤙

Regular Visitor

As far as I know, this feature still isn't available, although it would be very helpful. I voted for this idea: Small Multiple Line Chart with Auto-Adjusting Y-Axis

Not applicable

Has there been any workaround for this feature?

  • Formatting: Y axis ranges can be synchronized or unsynchronized (to allow comparison of trends across multiples whose ranges vary wildly)

I am still unable to synchronize the Y axis in small multiples, I would like to have for each small multiple a Y-axis range that matches the range of data provided.

In the below example: Quality score example, scores can be 0-5 scale or a percentage score 0-100%, depending on the question asked. It is not possible for me to customize each Y-axis of the small multiple. I don't want to build a new visual per question.

What is the solution/work around?


Tableau is able to customize the Y-axis range for each small multiple:


Advocate II
Advocate II

Any updates on this? This is a really critical option to make small multiples useful in many more situations. 

Advocate I
Advocate I

I am also following up on progress/due date with the preview milestone 2 on option for a synchronized or unsynchronized Y axis on  small multiples.  Has this been completed yet, if not, does the functionaly have a due date for delivery?    Thanks.

Advocate I
Advocate I

Is there any news on that "Milestone 2"? I couldn't find a solution and I'm really surprised this feature wasn't added. To me this is a solid "must have" as almost in every scenario when I "play" with absolute values in small multiples chart I see big variation of data. At this point this tool is useful basically only for some relative KPI's like sales per units, % returns etc. 

Can't agree more with you @pirdim 

Seems we aren't getting a straight answer yet as "WHEN" exactly this would be implemented.

Super User
Super User

@Trcose , for new and planned feature you can also refer this page


for any limitations, you can suggest an idea or vote for an existing one -

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