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Slicer in power bi for hour filtering

The Slicer visual in Power BI shows a slider for datetime field as shown below. However, the granularity of the slicer is only till date level. Is there any way to modify the granularity to hour level or any other custom visual  which supports such slider functionality at hour level?


The scenario is that some reports of mine are only relevant on a particular day and thus the date slider makes no sense there.



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This is what I want too. Could you please share with me how you set this up?


Best regards,

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee



Currently there's no timeline slicer which can drill down to hour level. I suggest you separate the hour part into another column in your source table. Then put this column into an individual slicer for filtering data.



I agree with putting hour column in another slicer. However, what I wanted was the 'slider' visual which is not supported in that case. In that case, I will have to accept drop-down or a list.

I'm trying exactly the same thing. The drop-down or list is not really user friendly. Would be nice to have the date slicer to display the time too instead of dates only.

Little surprised time slider(showing hours and minutes) is not available in Power BI which is basic requirement.


Something else which can be fit in for this.






I was also surprised... I worked around by using 2 filters, the one on top is a custom visual, the one at the bottom is the standard slicer with a "Horizontal Oriental" (definable in General tab)


reaction powerbi.PNG

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How did yo kept 00:00 to 23:00 hours slicer .. Can you help me out.?

can u help me with the steps you done this..

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Would like these steps as well

Hi @JBeyers


This is exactly what am looking for, could you please elaborate on how you achieved this. 



Thanks JBeyers for the reply.


Even I have used 2 slicers:

1. Showing Date/Calandar in UI (using nornal Slicer)

2. Showing Time(Slider) in UI(again using normal Slicer) taking hellp from MsSql queries.




Hi JBeyers


Can you explain a little bit that how you have implement it







Attaching sample UI for Date/Calandar using Slicer and Time using Slicer also.

Hi, I am also struggling with this issue. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks

@NeerajSetia are those 2 independent filters? Or is the right one a pop up box?

Independent filters just to make it look like a time filter(not exactly)

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