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Advocate I
Advocate I

Sign In for Azure Maps Visual



I'm having some difficulty with the Azure Maps visual. It seems to work fine in the online version, but on PowerBI desktop I get this message:




Sometimes toggling to the regular Map visual and toggling back fixes it, but not always. I am logged into PowerBI and can see my user name at the top. I also checked that I have the latest version of PowerBI and did not see another post regarding this issue in the forum. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Frequent Visitor

This is still an issue in May 2024, however I found a much faster solution. When I see that it needs to be logged in, instead of saving, closing, and then reopening, simply go to File > Log In. It'll be at the bottom. I circled where the button is, even though now it says "Sign Out." After clicking this, the map started working in a couple seconds.



Isn't this The Ultimate Digital Duuuhhh? 

"Click the Sign Out button to Sign In"

If it works, it works, all kidding aside.

I don't know where you got "Click the Sign Out button to Sign In" from. I even mention that the screenshot is just to show where the button is located. When encountering this error, this button will show as "Sign In."

I think the confusion relates to sign-in status. The map timeout or authentication problem does not sign you out of "the service". I am still signed-in and able to publish my PBIX file when this occurs. Perhaps a partial solution or workaround has been released since the original issue appeared. I will double-check next time the problem appears, but I predict the menu option will show what is does right now "Sign out of the Power BI Service". Function of the map locally should not depend on service connection, should it?

It does appear to me as well that I am still signed in. I too can publish the report just fine, and my name still shows in the upper right corner of application, however the button in the file menu does indeed show as "Sign In" for me when this occurs. It is strange. I am currently working on another report, but I'll try to remember to open the report with the map and leave my computer idle when I go to lunch.

At least we are in agreement on the diagnosis "something is wrong".


New Member

I'm so relieved that it isn't just me. Even more annoying when every time I open a project, it tells me that I'm going to have to upgrade to Azure maps soon, then the Azure maps only work intermittently.

Must be a bug, because the "View as Table" shows the correct data, and sometimes the map works but most of the time it doesn't.

You may have an older Map somewhere in your PBIX file. It's the one immediately to the right of Treemap icon. Just change them to Azure Maps. (this is just a hunch)

The other possible issue is with external access to Tom Tom, see attached image. Again, just spit-balling here, but when I see timeouts, there are usually more than one that can go bad (as in Gateways)

Azure Map advisory.png

Regular Visitor

 I have this problem too.  Usually pops up within 30 minutes or less of signing into Power BI Desktop.  Always seems to work on published web version, but I continually have to close and re-open PBI Desktop if I want to see the map.  SO ANNOYING!!!!   Leave it to Microsoft to half-ass it. 

Advocate I
Advocate I

Confirmed bug, it hits me at random intervals during prolonged Desktop development work. Toggle to legacy Maps or ArcGIS and then back to Azure Maps does not clear the authentication issue. But Maps and ArcGIS visualizations work as before, proving the data is correct and accessible. OTOH, Azure Maps sure are prettier and more effective when working with cluster-able datapoints.

New Member

On February 14th the issue remains, it was not fixed yet.
I get the message even immediately after fresh Microsoft account login when launching the Power BI Desktop application after I open the PBIX file using Azure Maps visual on first page. It is really annoying, after the login I have to open another page in the PBIX file and then return back to the page where I use Azure Maps visual.

After my not very positive experience with Microsoft Support for Power BI (two districs in Slovakia being by mistake drawn in Latvia and Canada using Azure Maps visual) I do not want to open another ticket for this annoying issue...

Frequent Visitor

I am having this problem too. I hope they fix it soon.

Advocate IV
Advocate IV

I am having the exact same issue, and Support is giving me the run-around. The visual seems to come and go in Desktop; sometimes it's fine, sometimes it isn't, but on the Service it always looks OK. IMHO this is a bug and they need to fix it. I suggest you also open a formal ticket, b/c they claim I'm the only one they've ever heard of.

Advocate I
Advocate I

@amitchandak I had this checked by the admin, but it was already enabled.

Super User
Super User

@AllianceDA , Make sure Map is enabled at Tenant Level



Important to check Tenant settings, but they do not seem to affect the authentication issue. Of course, bad Tenent settings would keep you from getting even that far!

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