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Show/Hide Columns in Line Chart Visuals with Multiselect Slicer in Power BI #Line Chart, # Slicers,

I have a line chart with 4 columns added like below. My X -axis is operating_dates.


Now the users feel that lines seem to be crowded sometimes. Do we have an option to select two/three lines only at a time.


I tried creating this but I am able to select only one line at a time by using below steps.
Created a new table as slicer table:


Then create a measure as user selection:

User Selection = SELECTEDVALUE('Slicer Table'[Value])
Create a new measure:
calculation =
    [User Selection] = "Act_Pkgs", sum(Data[act_pkgs]),
    [User Selection] = "EDP_Pkgs", sum(Data[edp_pkgs]),
    [User Selection] = "NOP_Pkgs", sum(Data[nop_pkgs]),
    [User Selection] = "Prev_Yr_Act_Pkgs", sum(Data[prev_yr_act_pkgs]),
    "Select any Calc"
This way I can select only single calculation at a time. If I try to select two its displaying as blank because I am asking for two different calculation at a time.

I want two or three lines to select with color coding.

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Super User

@shikhavidyarthi , Use field parameters

Power BI Field Parameters — A Quick way for Dynamic Visuals:
Power BI Field Parameters- Measure Slicer and Axis/Dimension slicer:
Switch TOPN with Field Parameters:
Field Parameters- Conditional Formatting

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