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Resolver II
Resolver II

Seperate then Calculate Numeric Values in an Alpha Numeric Column

This is a multiple question post. Below is an image of the desired result - layout can change if necessary.


Patient IDService Date


(Session Loc)


(Session Min)

Hr Conversion
Total  3005
Total  3005
Total  4207

Below are the columns in my table (name Observations

Patient IDFull NameOBS NameDescriptionOBS ValueCPT codeService Date
  PIEN3PIE Note 3HomeNB-FAM 
  PIEN4PIE Note 4HomeNB-FAM 
  PIEN6PIE Note 661NB-FAM 

As seen, the OBS Value table holds alpha and numeric values.

Task 1 - create a tabular or matrix that somewhat resembles the SAMPLE above where the PIEN 3&4 display in one column and the PIEN 6 which is actually the minuts of the session, display in a second column.

Task 2 - once the minutes are seperated from the location (and other data in that column) I need to convert the minuts to hours

Task 3 - Display a Total Hours AND a Total Sessions (based on service date)


Please be sure to clarify if I should add a new column or a measure as I struggle to look at DAX and know the difference.


Thanks in advance - Ashley


Resolver II
Resolver II

Resolver II
Resolver II


Super User
Super User

I've stared at your table for a good ten minutes and still cannot understand the structure.  Power BI works best with a traditional table structure with rows and columns. Somehow you will need to unpivot your original format.


Maybe you can explain it again?  Where does NB-FAM come from? 

Hi, and thank you! the NB-FAM is a CPT Code that represents Non Billable Family Services. We use this code when a grant is paying for the service oppossed to an insurance plan. 


Here is a pic of the MERGE_Observations table filtered for the data I want


This is what it looks like with no filters in place, You can see the NAME, DESCRIPTION, OBSValue and CPT code columns hold lots of unnecessary information for this report



Hope this helps




Please provide sanitized sample data that fully covers your issue. Paste the data into a table in your post or use one of the file services. Please show the expected outcome.

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