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Select rows with a input number that searches if the value is between two other values

Select rows with a input number (box) that searches if the input value is between two other values 

an down value and uppervalue that are stored in a column

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Dear Amitchandak


So i made a what if parameter with the lowest en highest value (increment 1) that exist for the topvalue en downvalue in my dataset. I have hidden the line and know i have a nice input box for the users to put in their value.
Step 1 check 🙂


How do i make the given parameter by the user, to select the rows in the tabel.

for example : if the parameter is 101 only the rows for spc3 and spc 4 wil show.

I realy not an expert but the if i  succes in dowing this oevr 100 people within my company will be very pleased 🙂

Realy appreciate al the help.


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Super User

@niggebrugge , not very clear.


You can use whatif paramter


calculate(sum(Table[Value]), filter(Table, Table[Value1] >= [Whatifmeasure] && Table[Value2] <= [Whatifmeasure]))

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