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Script error when opening desktop

Since the March update I'm getting a "script error" message when opening pbix files in desktop.  It only happens on some of my reports.  I have removed or updated all custom visuals in the report and still get this issue.  Then after I refresh each data table the out of the box column chart stop showing on the report and the Text fields are not showing information.  Thoughts?


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The five analysts in my group are all getting the same message.  It seems to be happening when opening any report in the desktop, but I can't say for certain it's happening 100% of the time.  No charts are effected, you just cancel the error message and move on.  I have not validated when this started exactly, but its been a couple of months.  Any help is appreciated!

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I have the exact same issue, on almost every PBIX file since the update, if it was developed prior to the update.  I also updated or removed all custom visuals, turned off many of the options, and still no luck resolving this issue or troubleshooting it without restoring to a previous PBI Desktop Build.

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I still have the same annoying behaviour with the may update: 2.58.5103.501 64-bit (may 2018).


The problem is, that we using the Schedule Refresh function of the Power BI service. Unfortunately, every refresh failed because of internal service error.


When will this "feature" getting resolved by the Power BI team?








the problem with the script error when opening the Power BI desktop has been solved with the June update!

Horray and thumbs up for the Power BI team!


Unfortunately, the upload to the Power BI Service (still) doesn't work anymore and hang up while uploading. The only way to stop the process is cancelling the service via the Task Manager :-((




My refreshes are failing too on the data sets that have this error.  Rolling back to February is not a permanent fix. 

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Same issue with the May release! Does anyone have another solution than reverting back to Februar version?

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I have the exact same problem, with the Script Error message and the charts visual not appearing.


Version: 2.57.5068.501 64-bit (April 2018)


I see  in this thread that you have to install Feb 2018 version.

How about March 2018?


Does it have the same behaviour?

I tested Mars, with the same issue. Februar version is the version to roll back to.

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I'm getting the same script issue since the March update on some of my reports. It seems like it goes away on closing the popup, but there are still some underlying issues like charts not displaying. 

@Vatsan, @olopuc,


Kranthi111 mentioned that rolling back to the Februrary release solved their issue. Maybe this could be a temporary solution?



Yes, rolling back to Feb made the script error go away as well, but that means the new features from March and April can't be used till this is fixed. 

Same issue on multiple different report files since the March update.

Rolling back to FEB update removes the error, but then lose all of the March and April feature updates.

Advocate I
Advocate I

I am getting the error as well. If I click cancel it goes away but sometimes screen items don't work. Seems to have happened once I upgraded to the March release:

Script Error.png

Just wanted to add an update here. I did roll my Power BI back to February and the Script errors went away. I have not tried to install the April Update. I may do that today and see what happens.

I have the exact same issue as well. Screen items do not work even though the popup goes away. 

I also got the same error after installing April update. I uninstalled April update and installed Feb update and not getting the error now.

@kranthi111, @mlcollins, @olopuc, @Joe


Just for future reference, this site keeps copies of Power BI executables for all major releases running back through 2016. I've used them many times before for emergency rollbacks.

Advocate II
Advocate II

I just rolled back to February Version: 2.55.5010.641 64-bit (February 2018) and I am not getting the script errors any more. thanks

Advocate II
Advocate II

I am getting the same issue on  most of my reports. I get the message 'Script Error'. It is happening after the latest update

Community Support
Community Support



I can not reproduce this issue. You might need to recreate the report.

Community Support Team _ Sam Zha
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