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Running total for number of open tickets?

I have a table with data about particular tickets. The columns are:


TicketId | CreatedDate | ClosedDate | CurrentStatus |



I'm trying to work out how I can get a total per month of how many open tickets there were at month end.


For example, in the month of February there might have been 300 tickets that were opened, and there were still 250 left over from the month before, then 100 were closed over the course of February, the number for the month of February should be the nett open tickets at the end of the month, i.e. 300 + 250 - 100 = 450 tickets.


Then the 450 gets carried to March, and n tickets were opened in March, minus x tickets that were closed, etc.


Either total by month or total by date is fine. Thanks.

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Super User

You need to have a calendar dimension. You need to join it both open date and close date. Where join with close date will be inactive.


Then try something like this


Active employee = 
Var   _start_date=(minx('Date','Date'[Date])) 
Var   _end_date=(maxx('Date','Date'[Date])) 

CALCULATE (count(ticket),open_date <= _end_date) -CALCULATE (count(ticket),close_date <= _end_date,userelation(date[date],ticket[close_date]))


Appreciate your Kudos. In case, this is the solution you are looking for, mark it as the Solution. In case it does not help, please provide additional information and mark me with @


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Super User


Share some data and show the expected result.

Ashish Mathur

Hi @NickMorrell 

I have created a sample pbix based on your requirement. See Download Link: Sample - Tickets.pbix


I used the Power query to create a function to generate the running balance. Please refer to the Edit Queries>Advance Editor for the code.



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