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Resolver II
Resolver II

Rotate a Textbox

I have a grid of 9 tables on a report page that summarrize 3 different attributes Vs 3 other attributes.

I would like to rotate a textbox 90 degrees to lable the Row of tables.


Seems like a basic function, am I missing something?


Advocate I
Advocate I

You could add a shape, remove Outline, remove fill, add text and rotate 🙂Solucion rotacion de texto.JPG




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Advocate I
Advocate I

You could add a shape, remove Outline, remove fill, add text and rotate 🙂Solucion rotacion de texto.JPG




Great workaround, but we cannot BOLD the text.

You have two fonts which allow for bold text: Arial black and Segoe UI Bold




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Yes, this could be a workaround but I will have to change the font. Thanks for your response

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This worked nicely, thanks!

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Hi Everyone,


There is a visual by MAQ software, added in the library called Text Enhancer which allows it.




New Member

This is 2021 now and appears still mission impossible. I am not a big fan of all of those 3rd party visuals as they commonly come with lack of support and robust testing therefore lots of bugs. For example, the text enhancer does not provide any font to choose and I can't even move the object on the canvas but only resizing as workaround.

Helper I
Helper I

Alternatively you can create an image text box and resize accoridingly.  I used Photohop but Microsoft Paint would work equally.  

Advocate I
Advocate I

Another workaround is to make your text in word and use those functions to rotate to how you want it, take a screenshot, and then import it as an image.  Definitely laughable that this has to be a solution but this is power bi...

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Another solution is to create the vertical text in a cell in Excel. This can be snipped and saved as a .jpg image. The image can then be inserted into the Power BI report.

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Yeah @I_Like_Pi , there doesn't seem to be a great solution just yet. The best way I've found is creating an image in either InDesign or Illustrator with transparency grid turned on and the words I want at the angle I want (see below). Of course this requires having some version of Adobe Creative Cloud software (or something like it) AND going back and forth between applications, but it's the best I've found. I've added a super small, quick example below.


Vertical Text Applied in Power BI.png

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My work around is to use the y-axis of a graph to write and format the text vertically. I then take a snippet, save, and insert the image where I want it.

MAQ just released a plugin in the store called "Text Enhancer" that does all kinds of things, including text rotation. No workarounds needed. 

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I used this and it worked pretty well, the only challenge being that you have to set up your text in a table - which is doable but a bit annoying. 

I am using text enhancer. I set the text direction is Vertical L to R. I uploaded my report on power Bi report server, but Internet explorer can't read the vertical direction. Please see the image below:
Scatter Y-axis IE.PNGScatter Y-axis.PNG

If you do the original workaround, is it the same issue?

That workaround is for some static value. Tha will work fine. Mine is a text enhancer whose value is dynamic based on user selection. For example if user selects GDP option from slicer than this vertical textbox will show GDp , if user selects Population then it will show population. 
There are many CSS or compatibility issues with IE(Internet Explorer). 

Advocate I
Advocate I

Apparently this is STILL not an option??? Come on Microsoft. I'm having to replace an image with text because of a bug where the images don't load when published to the web. Now I can't duplicate the 90-degree text that was in the image with a simple text box? This is getting ridiculous.

Advocate I
Advocate I

I was shocked to see the answers in this thread regarding not being able to rotate the contents of a textbox. This is a BASIC element for Enterprise reporting.


I just figured out a workaround for this item that I am being forced to utilize because I refuse to take no for an answer when needing to distribute a report.


Hopefully this works for anyone reading this post:

  • I created a stacked bar chart
  • Go to the format for the newly created bar chart
  • Turn off all formatting options, EXCEPT for the "Y-Axis"
  • Expand the Y-Axis formatting options
  • Scroll down, or locate the "Axis title" property
  • Input your text
  • Set "Title text size" to an appropriate size.
  • Set "Font family" to an appropriate font

This is nothing more than a workaround, and I may have to deploy this using this workaround.



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I need txt box in 42 degree angle. not getting any option.

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