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Reusing a Query and retaining applied steps



I have a dataset withh approx 1M rows.  I have been using PowerBI as an ETL tool and the query has many applied steps.

Now I need to use the same dataset in another report.  The problem is that I need to add data for this report, so I can't simply use the Power BI Service as a connector.

I can copy the query over, but then every time I need to adjust the steps in one file, I have replicate everything in the new file.  OR delete the old query, copy and paste again, and recreate all the measures and relationships.


I can also use Power Query to do the ETL, but I'd rather not have a middle man complicating things.


Is there no way for multiple reports to share a common query, or to syncronize them?  Use one PBIX as a source for another?

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Hi, I am having the same issue, does anyone know if any capability has been added. I am working an a master Calendar for my company and I will end up using this table in many reports, but I keep adding and tweaking the calendar power query code. It would be nice to have it available and sync it accross all the reports without having to copy paste the M code.

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The easiest way I have found to perfrom this that doesn't involve extensive effort is by grabbing the code from the query while in "edit query mode" (right-click the query and select "advanced editor").  I have copied everything in the editor and then created a blank query in my other report. After pasting everything into the blank query, it ran and applied every step from the prior, as if it were a copy, but it was not dependant on the original source.  Actually, i had to resolve a few minor errors since i had made updates to the query in my first report which referenced queries not yet in my new one, so i applied the same steps to copy the referenced queries over and all was well within 5 minutes total!

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Thank you for this! I wish that the OP would accept this as a solution becuase it works perfectly for what everyone on this thread is looking for. I'll add that you need to paste the Advanced Editor code into the Advanced Editor for the new Query, as opposed to pasting the code into the blank query itself.

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Are you trying to add additional data in your dataset? I think you could edit your source after you add the additonal data to your dataset providing that metadata are the same. 

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Yes, I need to combine the data with another data source.

That it self is fairly trivial.  That said, if I need to edit the query in the original file (call it the "Master") due to ongoing "data cleansing" I need to replicate those steps in the other PBIx filea.  The more PBIx files I have relying on this "cleansed data" the more times I have to repeat entering the same query steps, and the more likely errors are introduced.


Power BI offers the same functionality as Power Query in terms of query maniupulation, but no reasonable way of resuing the output.  In a perfect world, I could just connect to the dataset in Power BI Service AND combine with other data.


I believe I saw a script on GitHUB that allows users to extract data tables from a PBIx file...  I suppose I could automate that and load it into a SQL table.  But it's just a bit nuts that I have to do that.

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I found this interesting solution:

But it's really only interesting because of how ridiculous it is to use a .txt file to accomodate query sharing....  Smiley LOL

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I do hope query using will be implemented sometimes in the future. In the meantime, I guess this should work. Perhaps you could submit this as an idea, maybe we could get this implemented soon 

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