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Reorganizing Columns in Matrix



I am new to developing in Power BI and am trying to replicate, as best as i can, a previous report. The report shows Revenue by quarter for two differnent time periords, Previuous Year and Curreny Year. the report then shows dollar difference and % change by quarter. However, when I set this up in a matrix, the output looks like:

 Q1   Q2   Q3   Q4   
 PY RevCY Rev$ ▲% ▲PY RevCY Rev$ ▲% ▲PY RevCY Rev$ ▲% ▲PY RevCY Rev$ ▲% ▲


I want the report to be set up like this:

 PY RevPY RevPY RevPY RevCY RevCY RevCY RevCY Rev$ ▲ Q/Q$ ▲ Q/Q$ ▲ Q/Q$ ▲ Q/Q% ▲ Q/Q% ▲ Q/Q% ▲ Q/Q% ▲ Q/Q


Is there a way to reorder columns in Power BI, or does anyone have suggestions on how to present this report? Thanks!


Resolver I
Resolver I

Use 'Enter data' to create a little 4-row 2-column table.  Call the table 'tblColumns':

Col_Name    Order

CY Rev         1

PY Rev         2

$ Q/Q          3

% Q/Q         4

Once created, click on [Col_Name] and a 'Column Tools' tab should appear in the ribbon.  Use 'Sort by column' to sort [Col_Name] by [Order]

Ensure this little table is NOT linked to anything in modelling view.

Create the following measure:


tableVales = if(SELECTEDVALUE(tblColumns[Col_Name]) = "CY Rev", [CY Rev],if(SELECTEDVALUE(tblColumns[Col_Name]) = "PY Rev", [PY Rev],if(SELECTEDVALUE(tblColumns[Col_Name]) = "$ Q/Q", [$ Q/Q],if(SELECTEDVALUE(tblColumns[Col_Name]) = "% Q/Q", [% Q/Q],0))))
I have assumed you already have [CY Rev], [PY Rev], [$ Q/Q], and [% Q/Q] measures from your previous work (or, if not, they can easily be made).
Create a matrix visual. [Business] goes in rows, [Col_Name] then [Quarter] in columns, [tableValues] in values.
I realise some things are confusingly named, but what else do I call a table which lists names of measures?

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