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Helper II
Helper II

Remove Interaction with page level filter

Hi everyone, 


I am not sure if it is feasible but wanted to know your suggestion. 


I have two simple tables: Table 1 and tabel 2



Table 2 is filtering table 1 with DIM key. As you can see last row of table 1 is not presnt is table 2. 


my objective is to put DIM field from table 2 on page level filter and filter as not blank. once i put this filter last row of table 1 is disappearing. Is there any way to avoid the page level filter only for this slicer?



Slicer on report coming from table 1 and filter on the right is coming fromt table 2.


I tried a measure like this :

but no success.
I have few restriction: 1) can not add additional row in table2 same as table 1.
2) I am restricted to use page level filter only on the right side not on the report. 
Thank you for tyour time and suggestions. 
Helper II
Helper II

@lbendlin  disconnected table can't be implemented in my case. Only thing is if measure can impact the slcier but doesn't seems so. 


Thanks for your suggestions

Helper II
Helper II

@lbendlin Thank you so much for your comment. I am restricted to use the slicer in this way because in my report i have more then 55 pages and i want to insert the slicer on report level and it is easy to do it from right side pane. On few pages this slicer on the right can affect all the visual and slicers on the page on few it shouldn't, that's why i was trying to find a way to block the interaction. 

In general a page level or report level filter is much better than slicers everywhere.


You could create a measure that overrides the filter if needed 

@lbendlin exactly, I am trying to use at page level here but I need to use also at report level. I tried the measure indicated in my post, do you have any suggestion how i can modify?



You cannot put measures into slicers. Your measure needs to apply to other visuals.


Think about it from the perspective of your report users.  What is the most convenient (and logical) layout for them? Would a disconnected table work?

Super User
Super User

Not if you use a page level filter.  It will work if you put it on a slicer instead and disable interactions between the two slicers.


Generally that is a bad usage pattern.  What is your need to implement it like this?

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