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Refreshing data takes ages when Datasource (Excel file) is located in a shared folder

Dear sirs,


I have an issue with a map visual (Bing Maps), where it is supposed to show zip codes on the map visual.

Whenever I open the .pbix file, it takes ages for me to load the zip codes on the map. I have found out that the problem most likely is the data source. The Excel files filepath is within a shared folder, in which the pbix file also is located. If I have both files stored locally, there is no issues with loading the files.


The amount of locations does not exceed 3500, whereas the problem isn't that it cannot load all locations due to restrictions.


Am I the only one having these issues, or is it possible to fix it?


Thank you in advance 🙂

Super User
Super User

Map visuals can be slow because basically it requires a geo-coding call to Bing maps for each location. That's generally the issue with map visuals being slow.

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Hi again,


Thank you for your answer. I forgot that I said it was taking ages. Problem is also that it stops loading the locations. Whenever i refresh I might get 20 more locations, but then have to refresh again and again and again to get the full map. I don't know if this is a common problem, but I stumble upon it from time to time.


Is this also "standard"? 🙂

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