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Helper V
Helper V

Referencing max date from another table in power query

I'm trying to add a custom column in power query and want to reference the maximum date from another table directly in Power Query. I've seen possible solutions to this, but not exactly like I'm looking for. I can see that I'm able to reference the other table, fxRates1, but not sure what syntax to use in order to get the maximum date from a column named 'Date_BoM' in the fxRates1 table. snip.png

Super User
Super User

Hi @mterry 
You can solve it easily with the ux options of PQ.
1. First step is to merge the tables :


2. Second when expanding just choose the wanted aggregation:


3. fix data type of result to date:


Pbix is attached you can follow my steps

I don't want to merge tables, I wanted to reference the other table. 

This is how it works with power query, you need to merge tables.
You can write M code / use ux but the logic is the same.

Refer to other tables without merging possible with DAX calculated columns. 
In your scenario it is by combining 
Maxx + relatedtable.

If this post helps, then please consider Accepting it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly

No, you don't. Vijay_A_Verma provided the exact solution I was looking for without merging tables. 

Ok, great to know.
Where is the solution? 
For some reason I don't see it

Good question. I don't know why/how but looks like they split the posts when I marked it as an answer. For anyone else looking seems to be here:

Hi @mterry 
I saw the solution, did you want to bring maximum date without referencing to the category?
Because it is not the same result as a merging ...
It brings the latest date by table level.

Yes - per my original post I wanted the maximum date from another table, I didn't want to merge tables. 

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