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Helper III
Helper III

Problems with bookmarks

All, I have a problem with some bookmarks. I have a report that has several pages. On all the pages I have bookmarks between two sets of slicers; I have a button to toggle between them. On one page I added the bookmarks but both show the same slicers. I've tried to delete and recreate the bookmark on on set of slicers, both sets of slicers. I've also tried to change the slicers on one page and update the slicer but it still shows the same set of slicers on both bookmarks. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Helper III
Helper III

Hi @rbartlejr ,

I understood your problem. There is something wrong in the button. As u click on button, it will toggle to another bookmark but it wont change the text. Like if u click on button which has written "Project Filters" on it for AF Project Slicers bookmark, same text will appear if u switch over to AF Facility Slicers. I tried to change the text for each slicer and updated it but of no use. Try first adjusting the text of the button. This is the first step towards your problem-solution. Hope this helps.

If you notice it won't change the slicers as well. That's the main issue; the slicers are the same for both bookmarks no matter what I do.

Yaa I noticed that. Thats the second problem. u try solving that text thing. Tomorrow I will ask my colleagues and will get back to u


Do you see a solution?

I will get back to u tomorrow as I have been trying for last 1-2 hours but no progress as of now.

Ok, thank you. I have a work around but it's not optimal. I can duplicate the page, make it hidden, and have the different slicers and have the buttons change them but I wanted to solve the problem - it might be a bug because all of the other bookmarks work fine.

Hi @rbartlejr ,

I have given your file to my colleague. Whenever he informs anythings I will update u.

Yaa I tried also the same method by duplicating that page and tried to link it to the bookmark but the error still persists. I thought of saying u this method that I tried but I thought since u only want one page so I didnt tell u about this. As far as the bug thing is concerned I was also under the same impression that may be because so many bookmarks are created, the power bi has reached it's maximum limit as a result it's not performing well but anyways I will do it tomorrow once again. I will inform u whether this problem can be solved or not.

Helper III
Helper III

Hi @rbartlejr ,

There is still some confusion on it. I request u to share your pbix file with me and I will solve your problem and resend it to u. If u r sharing with me then I request u to mention over there on the pages as to what the problem is and what u want. It will be more clear to me. 

How do I share it with you?

Received your mail. Thanks. Now I understood your problem as I saw the file. Those two bookmarks under the name AF aren't working as the above bookmarks. They should display the alternate bookmarks when clicked. Right? Hope I am correct this time.

You can share it by sending on this mail id:

Helper III
Helper III

Hi @rbartlejr ,

Can show it practically in the form of an image, then it would be more clear as to what u r trying to say because its difficult for me to understand it through your explanation?

Here you go. This one is the main page and first AF bookmark:

The AF Faciliy bookmarkThe AF Faciliy bookmark

This is the main page. Now it should show this page when the button is pressed:

The AF Project bookmarkThe AF Project bookmark

What happens is it goes back to the Facility bookmark and both bookmarks show the Facility page information. I have five other pages that are working fine; this one is the only problem child. I've tried to delete one bookmark and recreate what it should be and deleted both bookmarks and recreated both pages but to no avail. It just reverts both pages to the Facility page. So if I make a project bookmark then both bookmarks will show the project slicers.

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