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Advocate II
Advocate II

Problem with map and postal code



I try to use the map visualization but it seems that it doesn't work well. Some postal codes where shown in the wrong country.

So I try to use Land and Postal Code like


Location = Concatenate([land];concatenate(",";[postal code]))



If I use the coloum "Location" the map visual also doesn't schow all information right on the map.


If I use the coloum  "Land" all countries shown correctly.


Has anybody an idea why it doesen't show all values correctly?


Helper III
Helper III

I had the same problem, and fixed it by concatenating Postal Code + City + Country.

Hope it will work for you!

New Member

This Topic is not solved! In Germany we have similar problems.

German postcode 99734 -> Nordhausen in Thüringen, is from Bing Maps located in Alaska, that's makes no sense. And we have much more examples.


I categorized the data. I created hierachies, with country. I concatenated it with Country infront of postcode, nothing works.


Please fix that Bugs!



Advocate III
Advocate III

I have the same problem for AU.


Please help

Hi @niasha do you have an example of an address that's not working for you?





Australia 2570

2570, Australia 

2570, Au



Advocate I
Advocate I

I'm having a problem with Globe map, it doesn't allow me to drop longitude and latitude in their field in the visual. Both long and lat have data type as longitude and latitude respectively and are formatted as decimal number and set to don't aggregate. Same happend with the filled map.

Any help pleas3?
New Member

I have a problem with a US postal code showing on the European side of the Map.  I am only trying to get shipments out of our facilities by zip code but have state and country as part of the definition.  Still, I have the following data:



And it seems to think this is in Scandinavia somewhere.  I will try adding street address and see if it makes any difference.

The problem may be that the zip code 33192 is not really in Doral but in Miami.!input.action?resultMode=2&companyName=&address1=&ad...


The lookup that Power BI is using would like it better if this said Miami. Sometimes, you may need to edit  the zip code (after reading it in) to fit the visualization. 

Super User
Super User

Can you provide your data or a sample of it that isn't working as expected?

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DAX is easy, CALCULATE makes DAX hard...

For example the Code for the Coloumn Land is "CH" and Coloumn postal is "9016". (The format for the Coloumn "Land"is land and for Coloumn "Postal" is postal code).


If i use the Coloumn land in the visual all values where shown correctly.

If I use postal the visual shows the postal code "9016" in New Zealand but it is St. Gallen in Switzerland.


So my idea was to concatenate both.

My new Coloumn "Location" has the value "CH, 9016".


It seems that the visual ignore this value. All where shown correctly ecept values which are situated in Switzerland or Austria.

The problem is that New Zealand uses four digit postcodes that are apparently the same as Switzerland/Austria. The map is taking its best guess. Specifically, a 9016 postcode would be somewhere in Otago, Southland in New Zealand. What if you put both the "Land" column and the "Postal" column in the Location field and then some other field in the Values field?

@ me in replies or I'll lose your thread!!!
Instead of a Kudo, please vote for this idea
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External Tools: MSHGQM
YouTube Channel!: Microsoft Hates Greg
Latest book!:
Mastering Power BI 2nd Edition

DAX is easy, CALCULATE makes DAX hard...

I have tried to concatenate "land" and "postal code" but it doesn't work for Austria and Switzerland. May the land code "AT" and "CH" doesn't work.


I have concatenate "postal code" and "place". Now it seems to me that this is still working.

Hi, I am having the very same problem. 

I have PLZ from Austria and Power BI notifies me that I need to add more information. I have also tried to concatenate "Austria" "AT" before and after the postal code. 

Nothing worked for me, what do you mean by using the place? I dont have that information in my data set.

How should the field look like so it can be represented in the map?


Many thanks!

There's a problem with the map service with NGA. They don't use Iso codes but use something else. I'm having problems too.

Same here but for a change with Australian post codes. Most showing correctly but some are shown in Europe although it's definitely an Australian post code. We also have the correct country field but PBI seems to ignore that even if its placed into the location field of the visual as an additional element to post code. There seems to be a bug somewhere.

Just a quick update: adding the country name in front of the post code with a custom column fixed the problem for us: [Country + Post code]="Australia "&[PostalCode] that of course assumes that all customers are in Australia which is the case in that instance. Interestingly following on with the post above: the same approach with "AU" did not work.

It did not worked for me

It did not work for me !!

For the UK should it be United Kingdom? e.g. the contect of the field reads United KingdomCO4 5JL.

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