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Problem with Data Visualisation

Hi everyone.

I got the following Problem:

I get my data from a sql Server. 5 Views which are all loaded into my modell. I can transform, filter etc all Data. But when I want to visualize the tables one has problems and is loading forever and then stops and doesnt visualize at all. I downsized the data to see if its because of the size, but it wont make any difference. I also deleted the Connection between the tables but that wont affect it either. The error messages I get when the visualization stops loading are the following:

The messages assume there is a Problem with the dataserver, but i think that this is unlikely, because the other 4 tables are on the same server, and are loading perfectly, also the Data seems to be in the Modell, because i can transform it... I am clueless what to do and need an advice.


Super User
Super User

Sorry to say but the language barrier of the screen shot is a problem. 

Can you review the data in the Data page (left side, middle button, between Reports and Model view)?

Are you using Calculated Columns in your visual that have errors? Expand the Fields section on the right and see if any of your columns have error indicators.

Did I answer your question? If so, mark my post as a solution. Also consider helping someone else in the forums!

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First of all, thanks for the reply. My view on the sql server is quite complex and uses 4 calculated collums. The view itself takes over 2 hours to fully load if i wont limit it. I read yesterday, that the visualization can have problems if the query is to complex. I think that this is the case here. I imported the View and then the Visualization is no Problem. Seems like i can't use the power query for this table or have to delete the rows and include measures in the Power BI report 

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