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Problem getting information from 2 tables with a common date

Hey PowerBI experts,


I am new to it and watch a lot of videos to help me learn but I am kind of blocked on this one.


I have 3 tables I use that are connecting through the Equipment column.


I have an issue with data accuracy. I use a slicer to be able to sort a specific period.

Basically, if I use the date from EMMC1 in the slicer, the ActCost is accurate but the Amount from EMRB2 is not and if I use the date from EMRB2 in the slicer, my Amount is accurate but my ActCost from EMMC1 is not.


So I created a CalendarTable to combine the dates hoping it would resolve my issue but it didn't.

I don't know if I am doing something wrong or if I miss a step.




Link to my file 


Thank you guys,





Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Create a relatioship between EMEM1 and EMMC1 and use a slicer using a date from EMEM1. Now that should filter both EMMC1 and EMRB2. Make sure you're using the correct dates for your relationship

I can't use the date from EMM1 as they are purchased date or job date.


The dates from EMRB2 and EMMC1 are usage dates.

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