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PowerBI interaction with Web page

Hi Team,


There is a requirement where I need to click on a link from powerBI and its take me to a web page with passing few values from powerBI. Once the web page(basically a form like page with textboxes) opens, it is prefilled with the values sent from powerBI. User manually fills few more textboxes and click on submit. An ID will be generated on the fly. 

So this is where I have trouble achieving. I need to capture that ID from webpage and show it in powerbi table. Is it possible to achieve.

Your response will be of great help!



Community Champion
Community Champion

@Ram107568 you can do it with Power Apps.
Check out this video tutorial:

2022-05-19 17_30_22-Re_ Need help on DAX function with measure vs colu... - Microsoft Power BI Commu.png


SpartaBI_3-1652115470761.png   SpartaBI_1-1652115142093.png   SpartaBI_2-1652115154505.png

Showcase Report – Contoso By SpartaBI


Appreciate your quick response. Video you shared is on writeback to datasource. But that's not the requirement.

Datasource is a postgresql table in my case. I have a table in powerbi with few of values with a urllink in each column. So when I click on link, it will read values from that respective column and redirect to url and prefills textboxes in the web page. When users clicks on submit button in the web page, a number will be generated on fly. 


My requirement is to read the generated number and show it back in pwerbi table across the row

@Ram107568's not just writeback, it's writing back to the datasource that feeds the Power BI dataset so it can be synchronized. Either than this option, you can probably do some high high level automations and API stuff but I doubt it's in the scope of this forum 🙂
You can PM me if you will maybe want to outsource this project.

Anyway, let's wait to see if someone will come up with an alternative. Following this post.

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