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Helper III
Helper III

PowerBI Desktop Freezes [Not Responding]

Dear PowerBI Team,

I build a model with couple of tables with importing from Excel Files, few joins, few calculated tables and lots of calculated functions. All of a sudden the model has stopped workings. Whenever I am trying to open the file in Desktop it freezes with Not Responding. Can you please advice, I will hate to rebuild the entire model once again from the scratch.



Frequent Visitor

I use a 16gb ram Laptop and I still experience these issues most especially when I am using query editor.. my data source is SharePoint online list at every point in time it freezes over everything done import, edit, measures, append and everything you can do with the editor and this has greatly affected my turn around time. 

I used to encounter lots of performance issues around importing data and folders from SharePoint Online, until I undertook a major optimisation of my Power Query code. I tried to minimise the number of query steps that were generating a refresh of data back to SharePoint. I found that the biggest improvement came from buffering the SharePoint data at the point of pulling the data from SharePoint, like this:


    RET =
                        "https://" & TENANT_NAME & "",
                        [ApiVersion = 15]
                        // RET
                        [Name] = RET_FILE and
                        Text.Contains([Folder Path], RET_PATH)
                {{"Folder Path", "FolderPath"}}


Since doing this I've had no issues with SharePoint Online performance.

@neatdot please can you do screen on how to insert this code and where to insert them thanks.

Regular Visitor

I'm having the same issue, sometime worst, Power BI just close without warning.
I'm working on a report retrieving data from BigQuery Table, create a few visuals but is quite impossible to work with the file which has only 14Mb, every movement adding a graph, measure or even moving selecting something on the report is impossible, or give me frozen screen or shuttdown. 


I'm working on the desktop i7, 12GB ram, what else it need to run this??? So sad...



Not applicable

I also experienced this quite often. In the latest relaease, I experience as a kind of new phaenomenom, that only the menu bar is not available (does not react to the mouse) while everything else (Visualization menu, Fields, tables etc.) still works fine.

Yes, it's still happening! 😞

Not applicable

I am also facing the same issue? Anyone knows the root cause and the fix?

I see that this thread started 3 years ago. Still not allright. I have encountered the 'freeze' issue too many times. 

Would have been nice to know why it is happening. A error message while reopening the recovered file would have helped.

Now for me, this happens for the same field and the same data set and is not when a maneuver is done.

I have multiple slicers on the page. I select one It is fine. I select another, it froze. I saw that it was not random and it was the same value being chosen on the slicer that would freeze Power BI. What could be the issue. 

Not applicable

I had this issue for the first time today, I got around it by clicking the arrow in the top right of the GUI beneath the Close icon (^).

I clicked this twice, it hides the frozen ribbon then reopens it and upon reopening it was fully functional with all buttons displaying tooltip and the functionality returned.

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

I have been having the same experience.  I'll watch my perf monitor and PBI will end up consuming my 8GB of Ram and will have to exit and re-enter.  I've removed the matrix table and will see if that was the cause.

Frequent Visitor

Hi all.  I worked with the Microsodt tech support team on the issues I was having with my file.  My issue was because of the resizing of a calculated tables and it had a scroll bar both horizontally and vertically.  They determined that the issue with my tables was entering an infinite loop when the table visual is a certain size with a scrollbar.  They said for the next release of the Power BI Desktop, there will be a fix applied to that version but not sure of the ETA yet.  Hope this information helps.

Count me in as well. What's worse, I had done a couple of hours of work and when I made a change to a visual it locked up. I should have been able to just kill the session and re-open the file to it's previously saved state; which did not have the issue. Sadly, it is now stuck on whatever caused the problem and I have to recreate the file from scratch.


There should be a switch or function to open the pbix without calculating so one can delete the problem visualization. 

Same issue for me and hoping for fix soon.  Is there any way to remove the visual in the file causing the problem?

Advocate I
Advocate I

Same issue for me. Rest of the model continues to work and update, just one tab - of course the one with most time spent on! Version: 2.29.4217.341

I have just published the model and all works OK!

Not applicable

Same here. Just started this morning 12/07/2015.

New Member

Same issue here!

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Sorry for the very late reply.  Can you send your .pbix file?  Or, does it still reproduce with the latest version of the product?


The issue started happening with the latest version.  I'm on Version: 2.29.4217.341.  Thanks!

Helper II
Helper II

Similar issue here. Added two matrix tables, published them and now the desktop software freezes when opening the file.

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