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Advocate I
Advocate I

Power BI theme generator allowing upload of customized theme files for re-editing

We are a small team of Power BI enthusiasts. In our projects we identified the need for a theme generator allowing not only to download customized theme files but also to upload these files for the purpose of re-editing. So we built this type of generator ourselves and would like to share it with you. Maybe some of you can benefit from it in their daily work.




Uploading theme files makes it possible to use themes that have already been created as a basis for re-editing. Adjustments to color, style or corporate identity in a large number of existing themes are easily possible without having to create all the themes from scratch. Thus, the adaptation efforts for the revision of existing themes are reduced to a fraction.


We do not aim to earn money from this, just looking for feedback from the community as the generator is work in progress.


Thanks for your feedback. You are right, it is not included. We will take care of this setting as we progress with the development.

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Super User
Super User

Great stuff, thank you for the update!

Advocate I
Advocate I

I would like to advise everybody that we have released a major update to our Theme Generator covering the following improvements:

  • A defaults system has been added. This means certain properties like font and color are not only defined for a visual but also globally. The user can now reset a style value for certain properties to the global default. This system mimics the standard Power BI behaviour.
  • Inserted headings for the cards category- & value-Axis, data labels, total labels, detail labels, title, indicator (KPI), goals (KPI), column & row headers, values (table/matrix), subtotals, suggestions (Q&A). This makes big card components more readable and more ordered overall.
  • Property constrains have been added to several properties at the category-axis. These enable/disable certain properties based on the scale type.
  • A few new properties have been added including secondary text classes, lasso button & geocoding culture (map settings), maintain layer order button and invert range for x-axis.
  • The downloaded json-file now is formatted in a default json-format which enhances readability.

@jdbuchanan71 As you see we have included your feedback into our development progress by adding the "maintain layer order" button.

Super User
Super User


This is very nice, thank you for sharing your work!  One setting I did not see is "Maintain layer order" which is under General for all visuals.  Is it not included or am I missing it somewhere?  I have it in my theme files applying across the whole theme.

	"name": "Theme"
	,"background": "#FFFFFF"
	,"foreground": "#394F60"
	,"tableAccent": "#394F60"
	,"dataColors": [
	,"visualStyles": {
		,"*": {
			"*": {
				,"general" : [{
					"keepLayerOrder": true

Thanks for your feedback. You are right, it is not included. We will take care of this setting as we progress with the development.

Hi @JPB_ 

Thank you very much for sharing. The post can be more easily found by others after being solved. I hope your sharing can help more people.


Best Regards,
Rico Zhou



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