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Power BI Table




I need help with 2 requests. I have a table as below in Power BI.





Ocean Carrier - database field

Type - calculated column based on origin-destination

Container ID - database field

Start and Dest Units - Calculated measure based on count

Status - database field


Request 1: For the first 2 rows, the Carrier and Container ID are the same but Type is different. Is there a way to combine the two rows to show the Type as "Multiple" and total the counts?

Request 2: Again, for the first columns, because the Container ID is the same, is it possible to show the Status as "Open", because there is a value in the Start Units column? The logic is, if there is a count in the Start Units for the same container ID then show Status as "Open".


Thank you very much your help!

Super User
Super User

For Request 1:  Use the built in grouping function of the table or matrix visuals

For Request 2: Add an aggregation "Max of Status" as an implicit measure to your visual.  Since "O"  comes after "C"  this will show "Open"  wherever that appears in a group (container)

Thank you very much lbendlin.

The solution for Request 2 is exactly what I needed. Thank you!

For Request 1 though, when I group on Type - while it works for instance of rows 1&2, for the remaining rows also, the group label shows "Export & Domestic" - which is incorrect. Is there a way to conditionally change the label to the actual if multiple values do not exist. i.e show "Multiple" only if there is Domestic and Export for a container Id, else show actual.


Thank you

I can't understand how that would look like. Can you please indicate the expected outcome based on the above sample data.

Thank you lbendlin, for the response.

When I group on the Type column, here is what I get:




Rows 1 & 2 were rolled into a single row and rightly so. But for rows, 3 -6, the Type still shows "Domestic & Export", which is incorrect.


What I'm trying to achieve though is:



Thank you for your time!

see attached

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