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Solution Sage

Power BI Desktop for Linux

Does anyone know if there is a linux version of PowerBI Desktop? Or if there is any workaround?


How barbaric, I don't know how I got to this discussion, but I'm reading the posts, I see the dates of them and I almost burst into tears. Today, May 21, 2024, it seems like the last 4 years have disappeared. Nothing has changed, the doubts are the same, the possible solutions are the same as those that have already been raised. 4 years later, that's saying soon. It's disappointing, I can't say anything else.

New Member

I am going to try and see if I can install it with WINE either the CrossOver Office  version, Lutris, wine that comes with my Fedora version, or a wine version right from wineHQ.


I'll post what I find out once I do all my tests.  Wine has yet to not be able to run what I need.  It is just a matter of what type or setup of Wine I need.


A few months ago I migrated from Linux to Windows I hired Microsoft 365 for business everything was fine however in a matter of days I was filled with spam, win11 although it does not work so bad I find that it is a disaster as OS, apart from the fact that to use it they force you to make an account, and short story I already decided to go back to Linux, I'm in doubt if Fedora, Deepin or Debían, and analyzing which desktop if Gnome or KDE, but anyway no more Windows finished the course of power bi and chao windows

Linux IS FAR SUPERIOR as a desktop OS because of the PRIVACY and CONTROL you have.  Your best bet is Fedora with the MATE desktop UI.  Mate is a VERY clean and easy UI with great performance.


Many MS apps you need will run under some from of wine be it Crossover Office, Lutris, etc.  The question will simply be (which is what I need to find out) what version of the MS suite/product works best with what version/setup of wine.

MS would do well to give up on their OS **OR** just make it a plain OS only with NOTHING (no  browser, outlook, phone home, debug, etc.) installed by default and allow you to add what YOU (not MS) wants to the OS!


If they didn't cram the universe plus the kitchen sink and bathtub into the OS and FORCE online use/online accounts I do not thing there would have even been an attempt to make a Linux desktop.  The Linux desktop esists and is such an outstanding success BECUASE of microsofts tatics.


At this point they should just give up and release the whole office 365 line of software for Linux and reap the rewards of MANY more users of theitr software!

Problem with Wine is even if you can get it to work (which is hit and miss) I'm not sure it's completely legal. I'm not at liberty discuss the potential legality of Wine here...

Granted there istoo much fragmentation among the wine community BUT as long as you still have a license for the software you are running you should (in theory ONLY as I am not any legal authority either) be able to run it on your choice of OS on ONE system.


Support would be an issue but really who calls MS for upport these days when we have Google and YouTube.  Plus if there are enough users that ARE running on Linux MS may finially wake up and see the need and make a Linux version OR support it being run in wine.

Advocate I
Advocate I

there should be a linux version. Windows11 sucks as always they do before. We need to get rid of this OS

It would help if Microsoft would get rid of that pointless TPM requirement for Windows 11. Contrary to popular belief, I'm pretty sure TPMs and Total Volume Encryption (without PIN) [1] are of limited use security wise. Instead, I think the TPM requirement is maybe Microsoft's way of phasing out older hardware... 

I'm going to try to avoid a lenthy rant here, but as an amatuer musician at home, I am constantly fighting Microsoft's attempts to force me into upgrading very expensive but perfectly working audio software/hardware. At work, I have to waste massive amounts of Desktop resources firing up a Win 10 VM in QEMU/KVM to run Power BI and Visual Studio when I can't do what I want in Visual Studio Code, .NET Core and Google Charts. My assigned desktop at work is not really powerful enough to properly host Virtual Machines.

[1] - If you aren't using a PIN with your BitLocker encryption, I suspect you are highly vulnerable to data theft loss if your device is ever stolen.

Have you tries a version of wine like Crossover Office or Lutris?   I need to try to download the Software and see if I can get it working under wine.

I've used the Steam version of Wine called Proton sucessfully in my personal time for some video games. Sometimes Proton actually runs older DirectX games much faster than native Windows 8+. Steam Valve is a legitamate company so they could license Wine use from Microsoft if needed even though Steam OS is free.

As far as the open source version of Wine (outside of Steam OS), I've rarely had it function properly for anything but the most trivial apps at work and home.

Yes, MS Windows has had serious performance problems since Windows 10. I think build 1809 was the last decent MS Windows build. Everything after that has had serious performance issues even if some nice features (other than that pointless TPM requirement) have been added.

Honestly, things aren't going so well for me, but I wish Steinberg would just port Cubase over to GNU\Linux so I could be free of the constant unnecessary upgrade madness that Microsoft continues to impose on me. Often, it seems like the the benefit of upgrading your OS is the privilege of spending more money on new hardware so your new machine can run at the same speed as your old machine...

BTW: Nothing I say in these forums necessarily represent the views/oppinions of any employers I may or may not have.

For Graphics intensive/DirectX software Lutris is the way to go but for other software (Like O365 for example) I hjave found CrossOver Office to be VERY stable and work VERY well.  I also  have had a LOT of descent (but definately not great or perfect) experience with wine packaged with Fedora.  Slightly better is the wine that comes right from WineHQ.


No matter what, however none of this is a full replacement for a propper Linux version which is what we REALLY need long term.  Shame there is no way to tell MS directly what we want to see for Linux so they have a real count of just how many users really do need this so they know it IS a real need that is worth while doing.

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Has anything changed? Will there be PowerBI Linux client?

@rkc wrote:

Has anything changed? 

No, nothing has changed.


Will there be PowerBI Linux client?

I have not heard any announcements about this, but from what I know of the Tabular engine it is very closely tied to the Windows OS. Rather than building a linux port of Desktop a more likely approach is for them to extend the web editing functionality. 

Extending web functionality would be fine so long as I could create datasets...

Dear Microsoft. Please endorse GNU\Linux Wine as a legal option to run MS Windows programs. This would no only help with Power BI but it would also help with legacy programs that for whatever reason don't run well in "modern" versions of MS Windows.

Super User
Super User

There is no linux version of Power BI Desktop. The only "work around" would be to use a windows virtual machine either on a local VM or using one of the cloud providers.

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