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Helper III
Helper III

Power BI Data Loading Issue

Hi All and @d_gosbell ,


I'm facing this issue currently.


Say I have about 20 tables of data in the Power BI Query Editor.


I update manually about 5 tables in the Query Editor (Manually update a custom table, or refresh a table that's connected with Excel, or refresh a table - connected with live data). 


Now I close and apply in the Query Editor. The data then loads into Power BI. Here, though out of the 5 tables, only 2 tables actually load into Power BI and get refreshed. What about the other 3 tables? Currently I'm manually refreshing the other 3 tables tables. However this gets harder to do with a larger number of tables.


Do you have an idea on why this is happening? And what we can do to resolve it?


Thanks in advance for your support!

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Can you share some additional detail? Maybe a screenshot of the queries? Or of your model? Why do you have so many tables, and why do they require manual updating? There might be a better way to architect your data source(s).

Hi @CoreyP ,


Yes, I do have many tables in one PBI Report (PBIX File) itself. There are about 15 Dashboard pages of data in one dashboard for example. So, for that about 20 or more tables of data are present in the Query Editor.


This is because I need to have multiple departments project to be displayed in one PBIX File itself. Eg: Engineering, Procurement, Warehouse Department, etc.


Sometimes the data tables require manual updating - as they are custom tables created - where I update the data weekly, or if the table is connected to an excel data source and I need to refresh it and add some manual data, etc.


But right now, as mentioned in the primary issue, not sure why when I update 5 tables - only 2 tables actually get loaded and refreshed in Power BI.


Let me know!

Can you provide a screenshot of your queries in PQ? Is the name of the query in italics? If so, it might have load disabled or not included in report refresh.

Hello, no none of the queries have been disabled. They are all enabled.


I'm not sure I can provide data screenshots, due to confidentiality purposes.

Totally understand about confidential data, no need to share that. Unfortunately, I would need a lot more details to be able to diagnose your issue. 

Ah okay I understand. Is there any checks I can do on my end to ensure everything loads when I update it in the query editor?

The only thing I can think of is to make sure both of these are checked:



If you're making changes to your table in PQ, and you Close and Apply. There's no reason it shouldn't be applying the changes.

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