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Helper II
Helper II

Power App Visual - Point to different App

Good afternoon Forum

I am looking for guidance on how I can update which Power App is displayed in the Power App Visual inside a Power BI Report.  We started this journey with a POC app just to prove we could have the app embeded inside a Power BI Report.  Now that the POC is complete we have developers working to improve the app.  The move from POC to development required us to also move enviroments within our tenant.  The POC was created in an EU environment we have now moved the app to a dev environment in the US.  

Any thoughts on how I can point the visual to the new app in the Dev environment.  I will also need to do this once we move to QA and Production.  So any input you can provide is greatly appreciated.  


Thanks for the suggestion.  I have already reviewed these articles and they offer no insight into how we can configure the visual for a new app.  We need a way to support lifecycle development with this visual.  We started our development in a POC environment to prove the concept.  We have now moved the application into a development environment, in the future we will move the app to a QA environment and eventually to a production environment.  We need an easy way to update the visual to use these different environments.  Currently the only way I see this happening is to remove the visual and start over with the configurations.  Ideally we would be able to control the power app configuration in our Power BI Deployment pipelines but I will start with just being able to update it in the Desktop application.  

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