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Pivot without aggregation

I'm attempting to recreate an existing Qlik dashboard in Power Bi. 

The dataset is a 24 month dataset and laid out in the table as shown here:

 Data in tableData in table

The desired format is to display the information fields in a tabular view with the rates shown by month across the columns.  

Desired dashboard layoutDesired dashboard layout

The Matrix format in the report view does not work for these purposes.  When I attempt to pivot in the data transformation stage, 2 problems occur: 1) the data type for the rates needs to be used for conditional formatting, so I'm thinking it's necessary to keep this as either numeric or percentage.  Either way, I can't seem to avoid Power Bi creating sums.  2) I need these to act like dynamic column headers, Power BI treats them like optional columns that must be manually selected. 

What's the trick to getting this report to lay out and behave as desired? 


Super User
Super User

You can turn off 'stepped layout' on rows.  There's still going to be a hierarchy displayed but it will look more tabular

New Member

The problem with the matrix is getting the dimension fields to lay out in a tabular format instead of colapsed/nested 


Super User
Super User

First impressions are that the matrix would work for this (without doing any data transform).  What problem are you having with it?

The problem is I need 7 of the fields displayed in a tabular format - not collapsed/hidden - for information purposes for the metric.  And I need the Rates displayed accross the remaining columns by YRMO.

Desired Format:


Matrix format:


 I did try turning off the stepped layout as you suggested, but it still didn't create the visual I needed. 


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