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Helper I
Helper I

Opening page of Report

I want my report to open to page one, or 1 of 3.  When I use my share Link the report opens to page 3, or 3 of 3.  The I have to scroll back to the first page.  Is there a way, settting or property, to control which page opens initially?






Hi @computermike,


When you publish the report, make sure you press the buttons "publish" or refresh/save (once published) from the Page 1 of your report  in Power BI Service.


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It can be sorted in two ways:

- PowerBI website: REMOVE the report in and publish again from PowerBi Desktop, or

- PowerBi Desktop: ADD a minimal change (i.e. textbox), SAVE the .pbix file, DELETE the changes (textbox), SAVE again and Publish.

Both of them works for me.

I did the same, edited a report, added a visual, saved it, deleted the visual, saved it and I now get it returning to the correct page. Good fix

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Hi everyone,


Same issue here - kind of defeats the purpose of putting the important numbers on a first page.






I use this work-around:


Immediately prior to publishing my report I edit anything on page 1. Usually I just open the general tab on one of the visuals, and retype an existing value.

Then save and publish.


Not how I want to do it, but it seems to work.





Thank you very much for your idea. It did worked for me. I did only one thing extra here, I have added one extra field in report page, published it, then removed that extra field, and then published again. 


Now I can control default landing page, while opening the report.




Mark's solution works but is obviously a workaround.  Is there a more elegant solution for this in the works?

Since there is no reply, does that mean there is no solution for this? It is very improtant for the published version to open at least on the 1st page.





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I am having the same issue. Originally, whatever page I was on when I published the report would be the landing page when I opened the report in Power BI Online. This no longer seems to be the case, which is problematic when my report has a specific flow to it.  

Yes .. I am having the same problem I can't force or set the opening page of a set of reports to be the first page - it is not clear which page it is choosing - but it seems to be related to the order I created the pages in rather than the order I want them presented in.


A fix would be very useful..




Hi @computermike,


When you publish the report, make sure you press the buttons "publish" or refresh/save (once published) from the Page 1 of your report  in Power BI Service.


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While your solution seems to have worked in prior iterations of Power BI, it no longer look like it's working. Recently, Power BI no longer seems to open on the particular report page that you published on. Has anyone else noticed this too?


Any thoughts on a new solution?




Yes - I am also having this issue - using a corporate org account

I am experiencing this problem too.  I publish a report to two workspaces.  One workspace has a token and the report is embedded in our intranet web portal, and that report keeps opening to one of the last pages even though I edited page 1, saved the report, then pubished while on that page.


Can someone else check into this and see if there is a fix?  I want my report to open on page 1.


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