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One or more calculated objects need to be manually refreshed?

I built a model in the desktop, published to the service and created an App. Have made a number of amendments inside the desktop and re-published multiple times and all was working fine. Yesterday I went back to the desktop to make further amendments and the report title was there but all data was gone (Report, Data & Model) and I was greeted with an error message stating "One or more calculated objects need to be manually refreshed" and there was a "Refresh now" button. Hitting Refresh didn't seem to do anything and data still not visible in the desktop. The Report and App in the Service are still there and functioning. How do I get back my data to make further amendments in the desktop? All ideas welcome. thanks


Help!! I have the same problem. Could anyone find a solution? 😅 My entire dataset completely disappeared. I don't see the way to recover

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I'm having the same issue and I am not seeing any answer. The data is just gone and if I reconnect it to the data source I don't have any of my columns or measures with my foirmulas. Help!

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I am experiencing the same problem. Column is unable to be manually refreshed. If I publish this dataset, it will refresh forever and block the scheduled refresh from the next day.

I am not able to remove the column for some reason as well.

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no data transformation, same issue happened for me. here is the screenshot. i can not keep going my work! thank you!


isssue for_one or more calculated columns need to manually refreshed.jpg

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yes, i got the same issue and there is no date transformation, i do not know. could you please give a solution, i can not keep going my work.

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I got the same banner but once I corrected a column that returned #ERROR, it went away. It seems I started to write a code on a column the day before but forgot to finish it/delete it. After I finished it, the banner went away. My datasets didn't dissapear though.

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Hi, got the same message, and it has nothing in it now... in case of anyone in community aware to such error and how to overcome out please do advise us to get the things back to normal.


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I am now experiencing this issue as well.

I even tried to replicate the build in a new PBI instance and the problem ocurred again.

Looking forward to getting a solution for this.

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Hi @Anonymous , did you find my solution to this issue? I am facing the same problem right now. All my data and models have disappeared suddenly and I can just see the above error code "One or more calculated objects need to be manually refreshed"
If you know any step or advice that worked for you then please share across. Thanks 🙂


The same thing is happening to me. Is there a solution? In PowerQuery/Transform Data there is no table or data to update, so the commented solution does not work.

Thank you.

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I have experienced this same thing - has anyone posted a solution?? Thank you 


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Super User

@Anonymous , Open Power Query and refresh all the tables one by one, and check for any errors.


Also on the data/Report view open all tables and check for any error field and try to correct that.


Refresh the table one by one in the data view and check for any errors and correct those.



As someone else reported this issue in the last few days, please check any issues reported


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thanks @amitchandak - problem is I can't see the tables so am unable to refresh them - the tables aren't there 

@Anonymous , Have you checked it in Power query/Transform Data?

Same as Simotab - There are no tables in the Transform Data - All of the data has just dissappeared.    I was switching between two enrviorments - I wonder if that has anything to do with it? 


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@amitchandak yes I checked PQ / Transform Data - there are no Queries in there - no data at all?

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