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New to PowerBi - My date slicer is returning all the values under blank date



I've got 3 tables (leads, orders, quotes) linked to my Calander table. All 3 of these tables have a column called created_at. I made a seperate calender table after watching a video by Avi Singh, and have linked these 3 tables to this calender table. The connection in from the 3 created_at fields to the date field, screenshot below. I added a date slicer which uses the field of 'Date' and have some multi row cards with some fields and measures from the leads/orders/quotes table. However, all my results/values are showing under the 'Blank' date from the dropdown and I don't know why. Choosing any singular date gives me back a Blank value in my cards.  



Here's a screenshot of how the filter button on the card looks and I've filtered using the slicer but the values are Blank.


I think I've messed up the relationships somehow. The purpose was to be able to filter the 3 tables by a certain date. Here's how the relationships look. I've tried using Both in the Cross filter direction too but it didn't change the outcome.


Any help would be appreciated.



Community Champion
Community Champion

@infernox can you share the file?

Is there a quick way to remove the data and replace them with mock data in powerbi? I'll be happy to share the file after that

@infernox you want maybe to show me now in zoom / teams? maybe you won't need to do that work and we could solve it in zoom/teams if I'll look at it

Sorry can't do so at the moment. 

@infernox ok, so try to share a sample of the data in pbix, it will take time if you will need to replace all the tables with fake data. Or maybe someone else here will have a good tip without looking. Let's update tomorrow

Hi Sparta, I've just taken out a bunch of columns and placed some of the data. I'll pm you the link to it.

@infernox can't open it:


Writing here cause there is a limit on previate messgaes


@infernox ok, I'm looking at your file now. What is not working for you? What scenario to check?

btw, calendar tables need to have complete years. Very important for time intelligence calculations

Ok I'll change it to have complete years. The multi-row cards is what I was referring to but since I deleted some columns, I took some off that had no data in them. There was still 1 there called unique quotes which should change based on the date slicer but any other value changes it to Blank.

When will be able to do a zoom or teams? I can be available also tomorrow.

I can do a zoom call or teams call on Monday if that's possible

Ye sure, just ping me here and we'll coordinate

Hi Sparta, are you free to do the teams/zoom call? How should we do it?

@infernox hey yes, I'm available now. Send me here a link to teams / zoom and I'll join

I sent you a link.

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