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Need to Display Row % Breakdown for One Value in a Chart, Can Only Show This in a Matrix Visual

Hello, I have police call data and have used the actual response times to dispatched calls to create a column that assigns each call as either being responded to </= 5 minutes, or > 5minutes. We have a new target for this quarterly result that says we want the </= 5 minute responses to be at least 30% of all dispatched calls. I used a matrix visual to break down these percentages quarterly between <= 5 mins and > 5 mins. I did this by showing these field values as percet of the row totals. 


I need to be able to breakdown each quarter this way in a chart visual, AND I need to take it a step further and calculate the percentage gap between each quarter and the 30% target mark so we can see our quarterly progress to that target as we try to reach it. I have no dea how to get to this last step because I cannot figure out how to show each quarterly % of calls that are </= 5 mins in any other visual besides a matrix. I dont have that same option under "show value as" in any other visual. I only have the option to show values as a percentage of the grand total which is totally obsolete for what I am trying to break down for each quarter, which is just the percentages of the two values in my field (</= 5 mins and > 5 mins). 


Here is what my quarterly matrix looks like with my two column percentage values broken out for each quarter, and the path I selected from my Total Calls measure to get there:


If I need to create a measure that breaks down these value percentages by row (quarter) to be able to use for a chart visual I would be happy to do that, I just have no idea how to calculate the measure to tell it that I want the percentage of just one value in the field (</= 5 mins). If I can create a measure that can do this, perhaps I can use that measure to calculate the percentage gap between each quartlerly percentage of calls </= 5 mins and our 30% target value and show those gaps in another quarterly chart. 


I hope this makes sense, I would love a push in the right diretion, I can't find any videos or articles that specifically addresses how to do this. Thank you!


Field names:

(Total Response (5 mins))

        Values: </= 5 mins    OR    > 5 mins

Current measure name:

Total Calls




Super User
Super User

Please provide sample data (with sensitive information removed) that covers your issue or question completely, in a usable format (not as a screenshot). Leave out anything not related to the issue.
If you are unsure how to do that please refer to
Please show the expected outcome based on the sample data you provided.

If you want to get answers faster please refer to

Here is a set of sample data that only has the fields needed for this visual:

I also built some tables and charts in the spreadsheet to demonstrate exactly what I would like the end result to look like in Power BI. Here is a screenshot of my goal chart: 



Anything you could provide to get me in thwe right direction would be greatly appreciated.



Your goal chart is not the right type. A 100% stacked column chart requires 100% of the data.  You can't just cap that at 30%.


see attached for an alternative proposal.


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