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Need help in Power BI Matrix Visualization hierarchy to ignore at second level.

Hello PBI Experts, 
We need some help in achieving below output table in power bi matrix visualization. We have also mentioned the input table below. Request you all experts, if you have any workaround then please feel free to reply on this mail or connect with me to help us on this requirement.  
Note:  We have tried matrix visualization in power bi and we have noticed that when we add the first column in rows it group by 1st category and then when we add second column by default it does group by on 2nd category however the requirement here is to not to group by on 2nd category and show all the rows associated to that categories. If we turned off the stepped layout on row headers, then the second category comes in columns but that's not meeting the requirement.
Meeting Invitee & Subject Meeting-Start TimeMeeting-EndTimeMeeting Category   
testsub11/1/2020 7:301/1/2020 8:00Cat1
testsub21/12/2022 13:001/12/2022 13:30Cat2
testsub38/8/2022 2:008/8/2022 2:30Cat3
testsub48/8/2022 3:008/8/2022 3:30Cat1
testsub58/9/2022 3:008/9/2022 3:30Cat2   
testsub108/14/2022 2:008/14/2022 2:30Cat1
testsub68/10/2022 3:008/10/2022 3:30Cat3
testsub78/11/2022 2:008/11/2022 2:30Cat1
testsub88/11/2022 3:008/11/2022 3:30Cat2
testsub98/13/2022 2:008/13/2022 2:30Cat3   
testsub118/15/2022 2:008/15/2022 2:30Cat2
testsub128/16/2022 2:008/16/2022 2:30Cat3
testsub138/17/2022 2:008/17/2022 2:30Cat1
testsub148/17/2022 3:008/17/2022 3:30Cat2
testsub158/18/2022 2:008/18/2022 2:30Cat3
testsub168/19/2022 2:008/19/2022 2:30Cat1
testsub178/19/2022 3:008/19/2022 3:30Cat2   
testsub168/19/2022 3:008/19/2022 3:30Cat2
testsub168/19/2022 2:008/19/2022 2:30Cat1
Input table:



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Super User

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