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Helper IV
Helper IV

Need Help Converting Codes Into Descriptions Using DAX

I have a field called "Mail Back Type" that resides in a table called "v_rp005_rejectreport" and within this field there could be a varying number of code values stored (see screenshot). Is it possible using DAX to take those code values and convert them into descriptions, separated by commas? The key of what each code represents is also provided below.


I tried doing this myself but was getting hung up on the situations where multiple codes are present in the "Mail Back Type" field.


MLBR01 = Signature Not Matching With Name

MLBR02 = Primary Insured

MLBR03 = Missing Required Information

MLBR04 = Need Of Notarized Document

MLBR05 = Account Number Required

MLBR06 = Coverage Amount Required

MLBR07 = Multiple Coverage Amounts Selected

MLBR08 = Credit Card Number Required

MLBR09 = Signature Required


Screenshot 2023-06-01 060451.png

Super User
Super User

@krichmond , I think you have to use substitute multiple times in DAX



substitute(substitute([col1],"MLBR01","Signature Not Matching With Name"),"MLBR02","Primary Insured")

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