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My data and I are speaking different languages. Please Help!

In my power BI data set, the data is similar to below.  I would like to be able to calculate the cells below in green without the visuals summing the values.   When I try to see total number of clients I can calculate the distinct count just fine, it’s when I try to calculate the number needed column, it will sum all the data and I can not see the actual value for the client.  I know it's my lack of knowledge but thank you in advance for all of your help.




Resolver I
Resolver I

IF you are trying to show the "number needed" in a card, do the following: 

1. Drag the "number needed" into the card

2. In the card visualisation, under Fields, click the dropdown, then deselect "Sum" and instead select "Average"


When you are viewing all the results for all clients, it will show you the average number need. When you select a client, this will simply divide the "Number needed" by the number of selected clients (which is 1), and give you the specific number associated next to their name. If your client ID repeats throughout different rows, you will get the average number needed for that client. 



I appologize for the poor explination of my issue.  I greatly appreciate all of the help with this and am very greatful for such a wonderfully helpful community.


What I ended up doing was taking the actual table and creating a duplicate table. in the new duplicate tabel I removed all duplicates in the client column and linked the two tables (the origional and duplicate).


I basically needed the unique count of Reqs# or clients (in my poor example) with the Hires Needed or Number Needed.


Then I wanted to see the total over all without counting the duplicates



this was a quick fix but will be a pain constantly updating.  


Once again I apologize for the poor explination and thank you all so much for the assistacnce.




Super User
Super User

@User_Error Not sure I completely understand, but try this:

Measure = 
  VAR __Table = FILTER('Table',[Status]="Open")
  VAR __Result = SUMX(__Table, [Number needed])

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