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Memory issues



I have solved a part of my problem, but Desktop steel don't work, and show me this message....


Any help please ? Thanks a lot....




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@LOAM I don't think free users can raise support tickets.

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Please share more details about the query that is running out of memory. What is the source? how many rows expected? what data transformation are you doing? Please share the M code here from the Advanced Editor for that query.



Microsoft Employee
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Hi ppm1,


The source is a folder on my PC with excel files, I add a new file each month to refresh my report.


I use get data --> Folder --> some data cleaning and and use two other tables to marge some columns.


It was working very good until yesterday.


Please help 


Thank you


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@LOAM Hi, I faced a similar issue, where we were using Power BI in a virtual machine.

Power BI desktop was running on multiple accounts which was causing the issue for me, closing all the instances of Power BI and running it again did the job for me.



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Hi @Abbas 


Thank you for your answer but unfortunately, it doesn't work for me... I just retryed !


I'm really in trouble and need help.


Please if possible guive me an answer.


thanks again 

best would be raise a support ticket with power bi support

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How can I do it please ?


I'm using power BI for free I don't have any licence ...


Thank you 🙂


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