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Helper II
Helper II

Measure calculation not following the selected filter



I have two measure in my report which should follow the selected value in the page level filter. But for some reason its not working as expected. For example in the below visual eventhough I have selected 2023 it still shows the data for 2022. This only happens when I include the measures in my table visual.


I have few parameter inputs from the user (these parameter do not have any relationship with my data tables).
This is how my measures look

Scenario Category Measure =
VAR UserInputLow = VALUE(InputLow[InputLow Value])
VAR UserInputHigh = VALUE(InputHigh[InputHigh Value])
VAR SelectedYear = SELECTEDVALUE('dateTable'[Date].[Year])
VAR OGChance = CALCULATE(SUM('MyTable1'[Chance in %]), YEAR('MyTable1'[Datum]) = SelectedYear)
        OGChance <= UserInputLow, "Low [<= " & UserInputLow & "%]",
        AND(OGChance > UserInputLow, OGChance < UserInputHigh), "Medium [>" & UserInputLow & "% & < " & UserInputHigh & "%]",
        OGChance >= UserInputHigh,  "High [>= " & UserInputHigh & "%]"

Custom_Gewichtet_Betrag_chance =
VAR Betrag = SUM('MyTable1'[Betrag])
VAR SelectedYear = SELECTEDVALUE('dateTable'[Date].[Year])
VAR OGchance= CALCULATE(SUM('MyTable1'[Chance in %]), 'dateTable'[Date].[Year] = SelectedYear)
VAR ThresholdHigh = VALUE(InputHigh[InputHigh Value])
VAR ThresholdLow = VALUE(InputLow[InputLow Value])
VAR CustomHighChance = VALUE('Custom Chance High'[Custom Chance High Value])
VAR CustomMedChance = VALUE('Custom Med Chance'[Custom Med Chance Value])
VAR CustomLowChance = VALUE(Custom_Chance_Low[Custom_Chance Value])
  INT(OGchance) <= INT(ThresholdLow), CustomLowChance,
  INT(OGchance) >= INT(ThresholdHigh), CustomHighChance,
  INT(OGchance)>INT(ThresholdLow) && INT(OGchance)<INT(ThresholdHigh),CustomMedChance

So my final wish is to replace the original weights (Chance in %) with the user provided weights(CustomHigh,CustomLow etc.)
Can someone please help me?

Helper II
Helper II

Can someone please help me with this?
Would really appreciate any help.

Resolver I
Resolver I

Could you confirm the cardinality between your date and fact table?

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