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Matrix with 2 different fields in Rows headers

Hi All,


Purpose: Visualization of SALES by CATEGORY and YEAR/MONTH

Used visual: I have a matrix with this configuration:

  • Rows: Field "CATEGORY" from table ITEMS (10 distinct values of CATEGORY)
  • Columns: two fields YEAR and MONTH from table CALENDAR
  • Values: SUM of Sales from table SALES

Problem: Now in addition to CATEGORY, I would like to add a second field in the Rows --> this field is "Number of customers" from another table CUSTOMERSBYMONTH.

The targeted matrix should look like this : 

  • In column:
    • "Year/Month"s
  • In rows:
    •  In the first row --> "Number of customers" 
    • In the following rows: My 10 CATEGORies    
  • In cell values:
    • For the first row: Number of customers for the month
    • In the following rows: SALES for the month


Adding the field "Number of customers" in rows below CATEGORY isn't working!


Can anyone help me with this please?







Super User
Super User


Please share sample data and expected visual (screenshot)
Please refer to - How to Get Your Question Answered Quickly

If possible - Please create a pbix that contains sample data but still reflects your semantic model (tables, relationships, calculated columns, and measures). Upload the pbix to OneDrive, Google Drive, or dropbox and share the link in this thread. If you are using a spreadsheet to create/import the sample data instead of the manual import method, share the spreadsheet as well. 

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Hi @PijushRoy 

Thanks for your quick response; For some reason, didn't receive notif!

Below is the expected Matrix visual.


  • In rows:
    •  In the first row --> "Number of customers" is from table CUSTOMERSBYMONTH
    • In the following rows: My 10 CATEGORies  from table 
  • In cell values:
    • For the first row:  Number of customers for the month (unique total value)
    • In the following rows: SALES for the month for the corresponding category





Thanks Again!


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