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Helper III
Helper III

Matrix visual - Conditional formatting icon is not visible when applying some filters in power bi

Hi PowerBians ,


I am using Target based Matrix table for many KPIs , targets already defined and based on the target we are calculating the values on monthly basis . Here the problem is the icon is not visible when applying some filters in filter panel (Working in Single selection , Not working in Multi selection) .


Multiple selection of countries - Not working , few icons missed and few is wrong (even target is matched)


Single selection of country (In slicer or filter panel) - Its working 


I don't know what kind of behaviour is this from Conditional formatting feature .

Below the Conditional formatting setup :



Please help to solve this ..

Thanks in advance ..




Super User
Super User

Hi @dinesharivalaga 

Could you share the formula of the Rag_Status column? It might be a code issue.

Did it work 👍 A kudos would be appreciated ‌‌📢 Mark it as a solution to help spreading knowledge


Rag_Status = IFERROR(IF(AND(ISBLANK(CBS_SLA_DATA[Numerator Value]),ISBLANK(CBS_SLA_DATA[Denominator Value])),BLANK(),IF(CBS_SLA_DATA[NewTarget Type]="TBD",0,IF(CBS_SLA_DATA[SLA_Value_Type]="P",(IF(ISBLANK(CBS_SLA_DATA[Numerator Value]),BLANK(),IF(ISBLANK(CBS_SLA_DATA[Denominator Value]),BLANK(),IF(CBS_SLA_DATA[NewTarget Type]="HTB",IF(CBS_SLA_DATA[Numerator Value]/CBS_SLA_DATA[Denominator Value]>=CBS_SLA_DATA[New Target],1,-1),IF(CBS_SLA_DATA[NewTarget Type]="LTB",IF(CBS_SLA_DATA[Numerator Value]/CBS_SLA_DATA[Denominator Value]<=CBS_SLA_DATA[New Target],1,-1)))))),(IF(ISBLANK(CBS_SLA_DATA[Denominator Value]),IF(CBS_SLA_DATA[Numerator Value]<=CBS_SLA_DATA[New Target],1,-1),IF(CBS_SLA_DATA[Numerator Value]/CBS_SLA_DATA[Denominator Value]<=CBS_SLA_DATA[New Target],1,-1)))))),BLANK())

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