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New Member

Matrix Visual top aligned in Canvas but showing centered with top white space in Power BI Service

Hi Everyone,


Newbie here, and struggling with white space on a Matrix Visual when viewed in Power BI Service.  All of my other visuals (non-matrix) show stop aligned in Desktop, and when published and viewed in Service, they are top aligned as well. But for some reason, my Matrix visual (which shows top aligned in Desktop) is centered vertically with lots of white space when viewed in Power BI service.  Any suggestions on how to remove the whitespace in the second image below?


Thank you,

Jeff  PBI1.jpgPBI2.jpg


have you pinned the page rather than the visual?

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Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @jhardwood 


In Desktop, put cursor outside visual and in format pane, go to page settings and then in canvas setting, tweak page size there.


Hope it helps.

Hi Mahenkj2,


I have tried that extensively, but no settings scenario so far causes the visual to move up and remove that top white space.  I will keep trying. 

Thank you again,


Super User
Super User

You pinned a report visual to a dashboard tile.  You can modify tile size and location by grabbing the tile handles and moving as needed.

Hi lbendlin,


Thank you for responding. Strangely, unlike my other visuals on other tiles, i cannot see any tile handles, regardless of where I click.  This seems to oddly only be on my matrix visual.  Other non-matrix visuals I can do as you described.


Thank you again,



have you pinned the page rather than the visual?

Hi lbendlin,


That was it!  I went back to the visual itself and pinned it to a new dashboard and it is aligned top.  


Thank you!



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