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Matrix %RT% (few questions)



My matrix is as below.

I use the measure "Count = Count(Table[Delivery Status)" there twice.

  • FIRST as a normal number 
  • SECOND as a percentage of row total

    Its working like intended. However my manager only wants 1dp for the percentage. I have no clue how to change this as I didnt write the measure myself and used the built in function. 


    Does anyone know how I can make it only show 1dp? I did try the modelling method, to manually change it but I cannot go below 0 for the whole number measure.

    Is there a way I can write my own dax code to count by row total like the built in function?


    Also, how can I remove the last sub total 100% but still show the total count. I need to save that space for another visual if possible, its fairly intuiative that the total of a percentage is 100%


    Thank you in advance. 

row percent.PNG

Super User
Super User

In the latest release for matrix, if you right-click on the measure in visualization Tab, there is option % of row total, Are you looking for that?

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My data looks similar to this:

Store BannerPlanned Delivery DateActual Delivery DateDelivery Status
Store 112/02/202012/02/2020On Time
Store 213/02/2020 Pending
Store 113/02/202015/02/2020Late
Store 214/02/202014/02/2020On Time
Store 113/02/202012/02/2020Early
Store 114/02/202014/02/2020On Time
Store 213/02/202014/02/2020Late
Store 212/02/202012/02/2020On Time
Store 211/02/202011/02/2020On Time
Store 210/02/2020 Pending
Store 29/02/202010/02/2020Late


My manager has requested the out put (matrix visual) to be something like this:

BannerEarlyOn TimePendingLateTotal
Store 11 (25%)2 (50%)0 (0%)1 (25%)4 (100%)
Store 20 (0%)3 (42%)2 (28%)2 (28%)7 (100%)


I have it looking like so:

row percent.PNG


That is close to what my manager is wanting and if i hide the headings and make my own title i get really close to the end result:



Now I have another problem. I cannot show 0% for rows that have blank which I have use if statement to place 0 there already.

Would you know a work around for this? I also do not know how to make brackets around my precentages

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous ,


The measure doesn't work because that there is no complete data for Delivery Status


Try this:


1. Please create a calculated table with Values to get the Delivery Status.

Status = VALUES('Table'[Delivery Status])


2. Create the relationship between the two tables.



3. Create the matrix like below.

Count = COUNT('Table'[Delivery Status])+0

Then the measure could work.





Best Regards,



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Thank you for your detail reply. 


I think this method would work, however I think it is because for stores that dont exist for some at certain location, it can not show 0% because there was is nothing to calculate.  If I remove my page filter for location it works fine as all stores have status values.  

This might need me to work with ISFILTER function.. I will have another play around.




Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous ,


Have you solved this problem?



Best Regards,


Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

dear friend, 

share the formula which you have, 

we can't hide the last one column alone, but we can hide the last two column. why because we have option to hide the totals and sub totals.


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Current formula is listed as above, a basic count.



1. for 1dp

Step 1.PNG















If you want to create new measure you can create with create measure.


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