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Maps using geometry data from SQL server

Hi, I am trying to map out regions on Power BI desktop from a backend SQL server database. The data for the polygon is stored in Geometry format (0x000000000104...)

Is there any way I can use this data to draw out the polygons? Any pointers is much appreciated. Thank you!

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I like to use the spatial geometry colom of the SQL spatial database. I can see the colom in power_bi and I can see the contens (POINT(117612 516906) in EPSG:28992. I can transform the coordinates to EPSG:4326.

Can I project them in a map whitout using a json or shape file?

I can do this in programs like Arcgis pro. but i can't do this whit the plugin arcgis.




A useful answer to this would be greatly appreciated. Until PowerBI can do this, we will not be using it.

agreed. It's a shame that Power BI can't visualise geometry data stored in SQL spatial columns (eg. PostGIS). I'm also finding Power BI rather lacking when trying to render WKT text (without using custom visuals, like Icon Map).

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @lavendercrazze

Which map visual do you use?

Could you show me an example of your dataset?


Best Regards


Hi Maggie,


I have attached a sample of the dataset. I am not sure if this data can be used to plot polygons or if it needs any other data to work. This is the visual I tried.


This is a sample of the data I am using. 


Region IDRegion NameShape
100Region 10x000000000104040000006D618075487260C13F7E2E41B63C514186C0AECDD57160C1BCC3265DC93C5141C89DB23FCC7160C162526C611D3C51416D618075487260C13F7E2E41B63C514101000000020000000001000000FFFFFFFF0000000003
101Region 20x000000000104060000008E9BBD65766A60C17E672F8F6E3B51411156C549636A60C18D514E1F223B5141A91BE9EC9F6260C10CB8436AD1335141D7C347D3A76660C17F6016B9F2225141487E325DCE6B60C1EAB0F0DFC82551418E9BBD65766A60C17E672F8F6E3B514101000000020000000001000000FFFFFFFF0000000003

I am not sure where to start, any links or pointers will be of much help. Thank You!

Hi @lavendercrazze

I'm afraid your data can be used to create the shape map, please have a look at these articles to learn how to create map visualization and how to structure the dataset.


Best Regards




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