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Map bubble size inconsistent between Desktop and Service

I'm running into an issue where the size of bubbles on the Map visual are inconsistent between the Desktop app and the Power BI Service. While the bubbles are correctly sized and scaled in the Desktop app, the bubbles are widly out of proportion in the Service, as can be seen in the screenshots below:



For reference, the bubble locations are municipalities, and the size of the bubbles is determined by a measure counting registrations in a municipality. For the smaller bubbles, there's one registration, for the larger ones it's two. The values are small and very close together, so the bubbles on the Service map impractically small.Any null values are filtered out, so that can't be the issue.


Previously, the bubble sizes were consistent between the Desktop and Service, but since today's manual refresh, the bubbles in the Service version are off. I've tried a couple of things, but none of these have fixed the issue:

  • Deleting the visual and recreating it from scratch
  • Refreshing the dataset again
  • Publishing the dataset from the Desktop app
  • Changing the bubble size settings (size does change, but the smaller bubbles remain tiny)

Any ideas for solving this would be appreciated!

Advocate I
Advocate I

I've come across exaclty the same problem recently, have a couple of maps where the bubbles have gone tiny in the service, so I've increased the size to 35 but these now appear massive in desktop! I've got the same issue across 2 or 3 reports with a couple of maps in each.

I think the only change in my case is I recently updated to 2.118.828.0 64-bit (June 2023), seems to have been a problem since then.

Might be an issue in one of the latest updates, then. Hopefully it'll get sorted out soon! I'll try out your solution too, the sizes in the Service are more important than those in the Desktop version after all.


I've also found another solution for now, though it too isn't ideal. The scaling with this solution still isn't the best (now the difference in size is really small), but at least it's better than the tiny and giant dots for such closely matched values! Here's the setp-by-step for my temporary solution:

  • Open the report in the Power BI Service
  • Click on Edit in the taskbar above the report
  • Navigate to the faulty map visual, and select it
  • Under the formatting tab, open the Bubbles category
  • There should be an additional option here that isn't present in the Desktop version: Range scaling. By default, this was set to Data Range. Setting it to Magnitude and adjusting the size got me this result:



Ther bubbles are now pretty close in size for all values, but they are still distiguishable enough to be useful.

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