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Helper II
Helper II

Majority of my slicers suddenly changed from dropdowns to lists

I'm not sure what just happened, but about 90% of my slicers were suddenly changed from dropdowns to lists. The few that weren't were all of the same ones or weren't synced with the rest.


The slicers that abruptly changed were all synced and I definitely didn't change them. Updating the slicers back to dropdowns doesn't fix this issue, and neither does duplicating the page and then re-creating the slicers. I have to manually re-create the new pages, which is going to take quite some time.


Is this a user-error on my part that I can quickly fix? If not, what's the issue at hand and how can I avoid this in the future? This has happened before a few months ago, but thought it was something that happened randomly.

Resolver II
Resolver II

This may/may not be helpful, but are you by chance using bookmarks on that page? In the past I have found that utilzing bookmarks can mess with changes to formatting depending on when the bookmark was created.

I think you might be right.

I fixed (or thought I had fixed) the formatting issues earlier today but when I clicked on a bookmark to go to a page just now, bam, everything reverted back to lists again...


Do you think re-creating the bookmarks would make sense?

Not sure if you need to re create them. First try setting one of the slicers to how you want it and then update the boomark (right click the boomark in the bookmark pannel). Then see if that solves it. If so you can fix the rest of the slicers. If not try recreating.

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