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Line chart X-axis. Continous by Date (DD/MM) and time (HH:MM)

I have struggled to find a solution to problem with X-axis on a line chart. 

I have some climate data with 10 minutes resolution. I want a line chart with up to 7 days historical data. I have a column in the query with Date/Time, e.g. 10/05/2025 10:00. If I use this column as X-axis I can only chose from year, quarter, month, day but not time. I have managed (with my limited skills) to separate the Date/time column in one column with date and one column with time. These columns are formatted as Date and Time. But if I use these two columns as X-axis I cannot choose Continous.


I can use the Time column as X-axis, as Continous. But then I can only use the timer from midnight as historical data. If I choose 24 hours or e.g. 2 days the data values will be summed or averaged for the time points.


Current line chart:

Line chart.jpg


Name of date column (With date (dd/mm/yyyy and time): Date

Name of "short date" column: dd/mm

Name of Time column: Time


How I would like the X-axis to look like:

00:00 00:10 00:20 ............................ 00:00 00:10 00:20 ................. 00:00 00:10 00:20

          08/05                                          09/05                                  10/05


I prefer to not have a scroll bar on the X-axis, hence the X-axis must be continous.



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Thank you for your patience Ibendlin.


New link:


In the above I have used "Time" column as X-axis. Time is the time from the "Date"-column which comntains date and time. With "Time" I can select Continous x-axis. If I select "date" I cannot select continous. The date-column is formated as date/time.

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Thank you for your patience Ibendlin.


In the above I have chosen "Time" as X-axis. Time is the time from the "Date" column. I can select "Continous" when Time is selcted. But when I select "Date" I cannot select continous. The Date column is formatted as Date/Time


Super User
Super User

You should be able to use the original datetime field on the X axis as is. 


Please provide sample data that covers your issue or question completely, in a usable format (not as a screenshot).

Do not include sensitive information or anything not related to the issue or question.

If you are unsure how to upload data please refer to

Please show the expected outcome based on the sample data you provided.

Want faster answers?

Both links require access. Please check.

Thank you for your patience


I ask like this:

I have a data table with climate data (temperature etc.). The resolution is 10 minutes. I want to make a visual (line chart) with all the data visualised for a time period of 5 days. All the data points must be show - not summarised or averaged. Hence, the x-axis must be continous.


In the query I have a column named "Date". The column is formatted as Date/time. This column contains date and time, dd-mm-yy hh:mm:ss


I have duplicated this column and transformed it to time only. This column is named "Time" and formatted as Time.


If I choose "Date" as my X-axis, I cannot select continous (not shown). I only get a summarised or average value per day. 

If I chose "Time" as my x-axis, I can choose continous and data for each 10 minutes is shown individually. But if I select more than the last 24 hours, the values per timestamp will be summarised or averaged.


If I choose "Date" and only Day from the hierachy and add "Time" to the x-axis, again I cannot select continous.




CSV datafile




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