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Helper III
Helper III

Latest Run Date/Period End Date



I have a file that contains the following columns:


Run Date

Portfolio Code

Period End Date

Net Asset Value


This file runs daily (except for weekends).

I need to pull the Net Asset Value for each period end date but the values can change day to day.

I only need it for the last "Run Date" before the "period end date" changes to the next period (ex: from 1/31/2023 to 2/28/2023).


For example, in the table below the period end date is 1/31/2023 for run dates 3/3 to 3/10.  The Period End Date changes to 2/28/2023 on Run Date 3/11/2023.  Therefore I need to pull the Net asset value of $10,000 as of 3/10/2023 which is the last time we see the period end date of 1/31/2023 before it changes to 2/28/2023. 


The matrix I set up will pull in a net asset value of 15,000 (10,000 +5,000) for period end date 1/31/2023 because it finds two values for that date.  This is incorrect and I am not sure how to fix it.  

Run Date      Portfolio Code    Period End Date      Net Asset Value

3/3/2023          55555                   1/31/2023                  5,000

3/4/2023          55555                    1/31/2023                 5,000

3/5/2023          55555                    1/31/2023                 5,000

3/6/2023          55555                    1/31/2023                  5,000

3/7/2023          55555                    1/31/2023                  10,000

3/10/2023        55555                    1/31/2023                  10,000

3/11/2023        55555                    2/28/2023                   20,000

3/12/203          55555                    2/28/2023                   20,000



Thank you in advance for your help!

Helper III
Helper III

Hello @amitchandak , 

Unfortunately that did not work. I cannot keep a filter on this report as it needs to pull in all period end (month end) values which consists of three years worth of data 2020 to present which contains 100 portfolio codes.  

Super User
Super User

@gmasta1129 , Assume you have a filter on period end date or used in visual then


Try a measure like


Sumx(Summarize(Table, Table[Period End Date], Table[net Asset Value]), [net Asset Value])




calculate(Sumx(Summarize(Table, Table[Period End Date], Table[net Asset Value]), [net Asset Value]), filter(allselected(Table), Table[Period End Date] = max(Table[Period End Date]) ) )

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